Bernard ADER

5th Vice President (2019 - 2023)

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Bernard Ader is a French farmer in Saint-Elix-Seglan (Southwest France) specialised in organic cattle breeding and field crop activities using agro-ecological and soil conservation methods (durum wheat, sunflower, sorgo and hard wheat). He is also the President of the European Committee of La Cooperation Agricole, vice-chairman of Euralis co-ops he is President of of agri food division of Euralis, furthermore he oversees training, and group strategic intelligence.

Farm/Cooperative Description

Coming from a generations old farming family, he owns a farm (500 ha) since 1998 with 2 partners. 250 ha are dedicated to conventional field crops (durum wheat, sunflower) and the other 250 ha are dedicated to the organic rearing of Limousine cows (fattening of beef and heifers, supplier of famous butchers and restaurants).

Created in 1936 and based in Southwest of France Euralis co-op is a key player in agriculture and food industrie. The co-op is organised into 4 activities : seed, food, agricultural, and partnership. Euralis, it’s : 9000 farmers, 5275 employees, 16 food and seed production sites.

Career Timeline

  • 5th Vice President of Cogeca

    2019 - present

    Administrator of Coopeval cooperative

    2008 - 2014

  • Member of several Working Parties - COGECA
  • Vice-chairman of Euralis In charge of agri food division, training, and group strategic intelligence

    2021 - present

  • Vice-chairman of La Coopération Agricole

    2021 - present

  • President of the European Committee of La Coopération Agricole

    2019 - present

  • Administrator of Euralis Cooperative

    2014 - 2019

Other professional responsibilities

  • President of Cerfance Haute Garonne

    2012 - 2019

  • Teacher of BTEC and agronomy at the agricultural high school; Toulouse

  • Member of the national council of Cerfrance


- Higher Education Diploma in Mathematics and Physics

- BTEC Higher National Diploma in plant protection

- License in crop sicence (1995)