Pedro Barato Triguero

2ND Vice President Copa (ASAJA - SPAIN)

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Pedro Barato Triguero(ASAJA, ES) is the President of ASAJA Ciudad Real since 1990 and the national President of ASAJA since 1990. He has been member of the COPA Praesidium and is the current President of the Spanish National Confederation of Sugar Beet and Sugar Cane Growers. He was born in Calzada de Calatrava and owns a farm which includes olive groves, cereals, extensive cattle and agrotourism.

Farm description

Born in Calzada de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) in 1959, where his farm is based and is made up of cereals, cattle and agrotourism.

Career Timeline

  • 2nd Vice-President of Copa

    2023 - present

  • President of the Spanish National Confederation of Sugar Beet and Sugar Cane Growers

    2007 - Present

  • President of AMAT (Association of Mutual Insurance Companies for Occupational Accidents)

    2006 - Present

  • President of the Interprofessional Organization of Spanish Olive Oil

    2003 - Present

  • National president of ASAJA

    1990 - Present

  • President of ASAJA Ciudad Real

    1990 - Present

  • Leader of the consolidation process between three agricultural organisations to form the main Spanish agricultural organization, ASAJA


  • Member of the National Confederation of Farmers and Ranchers (CNAG)


Other professional responsibilities

  • Member of the Praesidium of COPA (Committee of Agricultural Organisations of the EU

    2013 - present

  • Member of the Economic and Social Committee of the European Union, based in Brussels

    1997 - 2007


Law graduate, University of Cordoba (Spain)

Awards and Recognitions

Holds the Grand Cross of the Order of Agricultural, Fisheries and Food Merit as awarded by the Government of Spain.