EU Projects

Agricultural research has played a vital role in generating economic and wider societal returns, addressing immediate challenges whilst also anticipating future needs. Collaboration between researchers, farmers and businesses through a multi-actor approach can augment research and innovation efforts on the ground and have a positive synergetic effect on the projects’ success.

Over the past years, Copa and Cogeca have increasingly engaged in European projects relating to agriculture, the environment and rural development. Currently, Copa and Cogeca are involved in four Horizon 2020 projects.




Start date: September 2018
End date: August 2022

The SAH project aims to promote the digitisation of European agriculture by fostering an agricultural innovation ecosystem dedicated to excellence, sustainability and success. It aims to deliver 80 new digital solutions for the market, raise €30M in additional funding from public, regional, national and private sources, and plans to help digitise over 2 million farms across Europe.


Disarm - Disseminating Solutions for Antibiotic Resistance

Start date: January 2019
End date: December 2021

DISARM is an active network that aims to foster collaboration between farmers, veterinarians, advisory services, academics and the industry to disseminate innovative solutions for antibiotic resistance management in livestock production to alleviate the threat of antibiotic resistance. The network will exchange innovative approaches between industries and countries to share best practices across the whole livestock sector.


Smartchain - Smart solutions in short food supply chains

Start date: September 2019
End date: August 2021

The SMARTCHAIN project aims to stimulate demand-driven innovation in short food supply chains to improve competitiveness and foster rural development using a multi-actor approach. The project uses an interactive innovation model where all actors involved in the project work together to make better use of scientific and practical knowledge, for the co-creation and diffusion of novel solutions ready to solve practical problems.


Innoseta - Accelerating Innovative Practices for Spraying Equipment, Training and Advisory Services

Start date: May 2018
End date: October 2021

The main objective of INNOSETA is to set up an innovative self-sustainable thematic network for spraying equipment, training and advising to contribute to closing the gap between the available novel high-end crop protection solutions – either commercial or from applicable research results – and everyday European agricultural practices.


Growing the Future: Enhancing the Attractiveness of the Agricultural Sector

Start date: January 2020
End date: June 2021

The Growing the Future project aims to improve employability in the agricultural sector and contribute to economic, social and environmental development of rural areas through three main objectives: collecting data on the labour shortage in the agricultural sector; identifying the causes of this labour shortage; and promoting best practices across the EU to overcome labour shortage.