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Copa and Cogeca are the united voice of farmers and agri-cooperatives in the EU. Together, we ensure that EU agriculture is sustainable, innovative and competitive, while guaranteeing food security for 500 million people throughout Europe. 


Hungarian EU Council Presidency

As is the tradition at Copa-Cogeca at the start of each new EU Council Presidency, this morning we invited the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2024 (Péter Benkő) for an in-depth discussion on their priorities, ambitions and approach to the discussions on agriculture and the CAP in particular. The Presidency begins at a pivotal moment after the elections, and will contribute to the launch of the agricultural dynamic of this new term.



Key Highlights


Agriculture is one of the most integrated sectors at European level and lies at the heart of many European institution initiatives. Copa and Cogeca organise themselves so as to respond to the challenges and questions posed by European decision-makers, allowing European farmers and cooperatives to put forward their views and proposals concerning a multitude of subjects that directly affect farmers no matter what agricultural activity they are involved in. In the following 12 categories, you will find our positions on key issues affecting the future of European agriculture.

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Our Vision – We Farm 4 EU

The coming decade is pivotal for EU agriculture. Many challenges lie ahead. We will face difficult debates on generation renewal, low farm income, market volatility and climate change. As European farmers and cooperatives, we are aware of and ready to navigate these difficult issues and to weather the changes in store. We seek to deliver the type of agriculture that our citizens expect and demand: agriculture that provides a high level of food security and high standards of quality, welfare, sustainability and environmental protection. This is our commitment to Europe! In return, we look to Europe’s leaders to deliver the policy framework that will feed our future.  

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Copa and Cogeca’s first reaction to the re-election of Ursula von der Leyen and the presentation of her 2029 roadmap

In Strasbourg today, Ursula von der Leyen was comfortably re-elected as head of the European Commission for a second term running until 2029. Copa and Cogeca congratulate her on this re-election and on the presentation of her work programme. As announced at the beginning of the week, we were hoping for words and deeds for agriculture in her first address to the Parliament, where we indeed heard key words and first milestones!

18.07.2024 #STATEMENT

Ursula von der Leyen's first statement to the new EU Parliament - We expect words and deeds for agriculture!

Agriculture has been prominently featured in the European elections, frequently mentioned by candidates and highlighted in party manifestos. From the Farm to Fork experience, to the crises that have rocked Europe, and the significant agricultural protests earlier this year, a consensus has emerged: agriculture is one of the three pillars of the EU's strategic autonomy, alongside energy and defence. How the EU addresses these three critical areas over the next five years will be crucial for its future.

16.07.2024 #OPINIONPIECE

Harvest 2024 – Poor outlook for cereals, stable for oilseeds and positive for protein crops but situation might worsen

The experts of the Copa and Cogeca Working Parties for Cereals, Oilseeds and Protein Crops (respectively) predict a very poor year for EU cereals in 2024, a stable year for oilseeds whilst for protein crops the results should be more positive, but the situation could further worsen. The EU-27 cereal production should reach 257.3 million tonnes, recording a decrease of -4.7% compared to the harvest in 2023. Meanwhile the oilseeds production is expected to drop by -1.0% with 31.9 million tonnes, and protein crops will experience a boost of 13% with 3.9 million tonnes.

10.07.2024 #STATEMENT

Investing in Europe’s Future Competitiveness through Collaborative Research, Development, and Innovation

In the shaping of the next European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP10), we, the undersigned 110 European associations representing key European RD&I stakeholders, hereby urge the EU Institutions to significantly increase the current budget in view of FP10 and to make pan-European collaborative research the cornerstone of FP10, answering industrial needs by excellence.


Elli Tsiforou appointed Secretary-General of Copa-Cogeca

During the joint Praesidia of Copa and Cogeca on Thursday 27th June, the members of the two European based organisations decided to appoint Elli Tsiforou as head of their joint General Secretariat. Her candidacy was unanimously approved due to her long-standing knowledge of the mechanics of the EU and national agricultural policies and organisations. Elli Tsiforou will take up her duties in September.

27.06.2024 #PRESSRELEASE

Cogeca Presidency Business Forum highlights the critical role of agri-cooperatives for cereals and seeds

Yesterday, Cogeca held the first of its Business Fora for 2024, on the theme “How can agri-cooperatives secure robustness in the cereals and seeds sectors?”. Discussions addressed key trade issues related to cereals and seeds, transport, logistics and storage to facilitate trade flows across Europe. The event, held in Brussels, brought together industry leaders, and agri-cooperative experts to highlight the key role of agri-cooperatives must play in ensuring the success of these sectors.

27.06.2024 #PRESSRELEASE

Decision postponed - COREPER unable to agree on a common position on NGTs

The Ambassadors of the Permanent Representation of the Member States to the EU (COREPER 1) failed to agree on a negotiation mandate on the European Commission’s Proposal on New Genomic Techniques (NGTs). Copa and Cogeca regret this latest missed opportunity under the Belgian Presidency and call on the Council to take responsibility on this matter, particularly in view of the conclusions approved yesterday on the future of agriculture.

26.06.2024 #STATEMENT

Strategic alignment on the future of agriculture – Copa and Cogeca support the conclusions of the Belgian Presidency of the Council

At yesterday's meeting of agriculture and fisheries Ministers, the Belgian Presidency of the Council presented its conclusions on the future of agriculture. Copa and Cogeca support this document, which recognises the strategic importance of agriculture and proposes precise political priorities, most of which aligned with our manifesto presented during the European elections. These proposals must now be reflected in the 2024-2029 strategic agenda to be discussed by the heads of State at the end of the week.

25.06.2024 #STATEMENT

EU–China trade tensions: Agri-food sector caught in the crossfire

Following the already launched investigation into the EU brandy production, Chinese authorities have today announced the launch of an anti-dumping investigation into EU’s pork exports. The move follows last week’s conclusion of the European Commission’s investigation into imports of Chinese electric vehicles.

17.06.2024 #STATEMENT

Council’s General Approach on food waste presents a balanced compromise

The Ministers of Environment adopted today a general approach on the Commission’s Proposal for the revision of the Directive on waste. Copa and Cogeca welcome the compromise reached, which builds on the ambition to prevent food waste and to achieve a more circular economy, as proportionate to the challenges and attentive to national specificities.

17.06.2024 #STATEMENT

EU Council adopts a more pragmatic position on the Soil Monitoring and Resilience Law

The Soil Monitoring and Resilience Law General Approach was approved today in the Environment Council, with definitive changes to the fundamental structure of the proposal made by the European Commission in the Summer of 2023.

17.06.2024 #STATEMENT

Green Claims - A general approach that is a step in the right direction for Copa and Cogeca

Following the adoption of the Council’s General Approach by the Ministers of Environment on 17th June, Copa and Cogeca congratulate the work done in the Council in the past months that led to the adoption of a balanced text. The General Approach takes into consideration the reality on the farms and gives the right flexibility to the use of carbon credits in the voluntary market. Copa and Cogeca hope to see these improvements defended during the upcoming institutional trilogue negotiations.

17.06.2024 #STATEMENT

The law on the restoration of nature passes, but its application dead-ends remain

This morning, the Environment Council voted to approve the Nature Restoration Law (NRL), with the slimmest majority possible, and one which was defined by the individual voices of ministers and not the positions of national governments! This course, deriving from a flawed proposal, will cause legal battles at regional, national, and European levels, with the future unclear as to how or when this law will be implemented.

17.06.2024 #STATEMENT

A European Action Plan to combat late blight in potatoes is needed!

The sector's lead European organisations are sounding the alarm: faced with the re-emergence of late blight, European potato production is at risk. That's why the sector's key players are proposing an action plan, presented today in Brussels. Potato late blight is the most destructive disease of potatoes and responsible for the Irish Famine in the 19th century. The annual economic damage in the EU is estimated at around 900 million EUR.

30.05.2024 #STATEMENT

Europe Day – The mobilisation of the agricultural and rural communities is essential for the June elections!

This year's Europe Day takes place in a special context, between the end of a very special mandate dominated by crises and the election campaign period we are entering. From 6th to 9th June, 400 million European voters will be deciding on our common future. This 9th May is therefore an opportunity to take stock of the past mandate and to explain why the next few years will be so fundamental in Brussels, particularly in terms of agriculture.

08.05.2024 #OPINIONPIECE

Copa and Cogeca meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

This morning the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Copa and Cogeca met with the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to take stock of the situation as the 2019-2024 mandate draws to a close and to discuss the strategic repositioning of agriculture at the centre of European policies based on the organisation’s manifesto for the European elections.

26.04.2024 #STATEMENT

Copa-Cogeca and IBMA Joint letter to the EU Commission asking to ensure biocontrol solutions are made available to farmers without unnecessary delays

Since 2011, farmers across Europe have been strongly committed in reducing their use of chemical Plant Protection Products (PPPs) but, at the same time, they are facing lack of sufficient access to effective, economically viable and safe alternatives such as biocontrol. This gap in our farmers’ toolbox endangers their ability to fight against pests and diseases and remain productive, contributing to farmers’ distress at the source of their recent protests.


UTPs - Commission publishes a first implementation report showing the relevance of combating Unfair Trading Practices and the need for further EU actions

In agriculture, pricing and other contractual conditions are a key issue that can be seriously affected by unfair trading practices (UTP). Copa and Cogeca therefore welcomes the evaluation report presented yesterday by the European Commission on the implementation of the 2019 Directive aimed at combating these commercial practices. One of the limits identified is still the lack of knowledge of these new mechanisms within the Member States, so it is important to highlight them.

24.04.2024 #PRESSRELEASE

For its last plenary session, the EU Parliament approved CAP simplification measures

In Strasbourg this week, the European Parliament adopted two Commission proposals regarding CAP simplification package for the short, medium, and long-term. The first one voted on Tuesday focused on the modifications to GAEC 1 giving Member States the necessary flexibility to consider exceptional structural changes in the conversion of permanent grassland areas. The second one just approved today deals in particular with the conditionality requirements, GAEC 6, 7 and 8, providing more leeway in implementing the CAP considering climatic, geo-political and local conditions whilst safeguarding the transition towards a more sustainable agriculture.

24.04.2024 #STATEMENT

European Parliament’s PRM report is a worrying step backwards for EU’s agricultural future

Today, the Agriculture Committee report on plant reproductive material (PRM) was adopted during the plenary session’s meeting with 431 votes in favour, 104 against and 82 abstentions.

24.04.2024 #STATEMENT

Formal approval of the Ukraine ATMs – EU institutions will have to do better for the revision of the association agreement!

Today, the European Parliament formally approved by 428 in favour (with 131 against and 44 abstentions) the compromise on the renewal of Ukraine trade measures that was reached by institutions on 8th April. While this agreement represents an improvement compared to previous ATMs, it remains challenging for EU producers and manufacturers who will also scrutinise its proper implementation. All attention must now be focused on the revision of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU that will be governing our trade relationship with Ukraine after 6th June 2025. EU producers and manufacturers will have to be included in this discussion and their demands answered in order to ensure a balanced outcome.


Copa and Cogeca ask negotiators on Packaging to find a workable agreement for the fruit and vegetables sector

The upcoming weeks will be crucial for the progression of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), as it is expected that the European Parliament vote on the provisional agreement will take place during its Plenary session on 24th April, whilst the Council of Environment Ministers will do so in one of the two meetings that remain before June.

22.04.2024 #PRESSRELEASE

Repositioning agriculture a strategic asset for Europe! Copa and Cogeca present its roadmap for the European elections

As the European Union gears up for the upcoming elections taking place from 6-9th June, Copa and Cogeca have today released their European Election Manifesto during its general assembly meeting and in the presence of representatives of all the lead European political groups. Crafted with learning from the 2019-2024 mandate and with the aim of regaining a strategic thinking for EU agricultural, the manifesto outlines seven key priorities for the European Commission's next term of office, accompanied by four enablers crucial for getting agriculture back on track.

18.04.2024 #PRESSRELEASE

Latest agreement on Ukraine ATMs – Limited progress that doesn’t reflect EP Plenary position

The three European institutions reached a new compromise yesterday to extend trade measures for Ukraine, by adding half a year more to the reference period, failing to include wheat and barley. This new compromise, also voted on today in the INTA Committee, and that had the majority support of the MEPs, is now heading for the final vote in the European Parliament Plenary later this month.


Council compromise on Ukraine ATMs – Only a half step forward in the right direction

EU Ambassadors agreed yesterday on a new compromise to extend trade measures for Ukraine, with an unexpected approach that from farmers and manufacturers’ perspective does not provide a real answer to the key issues from the trilogue outcome. This new compromise will now be presented to the European Parliament.


Positive signal from the Council on the simplification package, now European Parliament must follow suit

In this morning’s meeting, Member States' representatives in the Special Committee on Agriculture (SCA) gave a positive signal by endorsing the simplification measures proposed by the European Commission. Copa and Cogeca reiterate their support of the simplification package and welcome this move by the European Commission, which shows an understanding of the difficulties faced on the ground.

26.03.2024 #STATEMENT

A busy end of the week in Brussels ahead of a decisive week on agriculture

At the same time, the European Commission and COREPER made a number of key announcements, the EU Heads of States met in Brussels today to discuss a strategic orientation for the future of Europe, including agriculture ATMs with Ukraine, retaliation measures on Russia, simplifications to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the postponement of the vote on the restoration of nature are now among the key elements that should be further discussed next week at the AGRIFISH Council, which promises to be very important.

22.03.2024 #STATEMENT

Letter from Copa and Cogeca to the Agricultural Ministers

Whilst the agricultural ministers are meeting in Brussels on Tuesday 26th March to discuss, among other burning issues, the responses to be given to "current concerns in the agricultural sector", Copa and Cogeca sent a letter to take a stand on the announcements made by the European Commission on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) at the end of last week.

22.03.2024 #STATEMENT

Ukraine ATMs - Trilogue compromise fails to address farmers and manufacturers' concerns

Despite legitimate concerns and protests, the decision makers negotiating in trilogue last night on the renewal of the Ukrainian ATMs have proceeded by ignoring the key concerns of our producers. By keeping a reference period that will expose EU productions to significant imports and by rejecting the inclusion of wheat, they have denied the main modifications proposed by the Parliament that would have offered sufficient protection to our producers and manufacturers.


Plant Reproductive Material draft report cause for concern for EU’s agricultural future

Today, Herbert Dorfmann’s (EPP, IT) draft report on plant reproductive material (PRM) was adopted during the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development’s meeting with 25 votes in favour, 2 against and 17 abstentions.

19.03.2024 #STATEMENT

CAP - The Commission proposes simplifications that safeguard agricultural transitions!

To “adapt to changing realities” in the words of President Ursula von der Leyen, it was essential to carry out a rapid analysis of the situation and propose specific adjustments to make the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) implementation more efficient. This is what the European Commission has done swiftly. Copa and Cogeca share the Commission's analysis and support these simplification measures that do not undermine farming transitions.

16.03.2024 #STATEMENT

Ukrainian ATMs – MEPs support EU farming in their demands to improve the Commission’s proposal

In plenary today, Members of the Parliament finally decided to show their understanding for affected EU producers and manufacturers by adopting the limited, yet very necessary amendments, to the Commission’s proposal on Ukraine ATMs.


GSP trilogue - The future of rice growing in Europe is in the hands of MEPs

If Coreper II approves today a new amended text on the Generalised Schemes of Tariff Preferences (GSP), a trilogue will be resumed tomorrow on Thursday 14th March in Brussels. Copa and Cogeca call on negotiators to endorse the longstanding stance taken by the European Parliament concerning Article 29 on automatic safeguard mechanisms on imports. The support to this provision holds a critical role for the survival of the rice sector in Europe.

13.03.2024 #STATEMENT

Green Claims: Do MEPs really want to limit carbon farming?

With the European Parliament plenary position adopted today, the use of carbon credit offsets will be strongly limited, discouraging the uptake of carbon farming practices.

12.03.2024 #STATEMENT

Industrial Emissions Directive: 7 votes undermine the hopes of European farmers for a fair decision by the European Parliament

As Copa and Cogeca's member agricultural organisations demonstrated outside the European Parliament this morning, MEPs were voting for the last time on the compromise resulting from the trilogue on the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). While trilogue decisions are normally widely validated, if 7 MEPs had switched their vote to support a final round of amendments, the IED directive would have had a chance at finally being made reasonable for all farming models.

12.03.2024 #STATEMENT

Coreper and COMENVI approve the provisional agreement on EU Carbon Removal Certification Framework

Today, the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment voted on the provisional agreement on the Carbon Removal Certification Framework and was approved by a large majority of 56 votes, with 19 against and 5 abstentions. The vote follows the approval of the text in Coreper, which took place on Friday 8 March. The text will now need to be formally adopted by both institutions (both in plenary and the Council), following revisions by lawyer-linguists, before it can be published in the EU’s Official Journal and enter into force.

11.03.2024 #STATEMENT

INTA MEPs fail EU producers by dismissing potential improvements to Ukraine ATMs

Today, the INTA Committee voted on the renewal of the ATMs for Ukraine. Despite legitimate concerns and protests, MEPs have decided not to support even limited amendments that would have made this proposal a real compromise. Just a few weeks after all the EU political parties took the floor to praise and support European farming, their votes are falling short to show a real sense of concern for our agriculture!


Copa and Cogeca ask trilogue negotiators on Packaging to agree on a workable agreement for farming communities

After more than a year since the Commission proposed a Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), the Parliament and Council aim to reach an interinstitutional agreement on this file on Monday 4th March. Ahead of this decisive meeting, Copa and Cogeca solemnly call on the negotiators to find balanced compromises that will enable all agricultural sectors to implement this revision.

01.03.2024 #STATEMENT

NRL: words on agriculture not reflected in amendments at the European Parliament!

Following the vote in plenary taken today on the Nature Restoration Law (NRL), Copa and Cogeca regret the outcome of this non-rejection with 329 MEPs voting in favour, 275 against and 24 abstentions.

27.02.2024 #STATEMENT

The AGRI Committee vote proves that a compromise is possible on Ukraine ATMs, INTA must draw inspiration from this

Yesterday’s AGRI Committee vote on the renewal of Ukraine ATM delivered a positive outcome for EU farmers. The Committee's decisions, comprising the inclusion of cereals, oilseeds, and honey in the automatic safeguard measures system, alongside adjustments to this system, reference years and activation delays, represent significant strides toward securing a fair and sustainable future for European farmers.


Agri-Fish Council – On simplification, farmers are beginning to be listened to, but now words must be translated into action

In the middle of ongoing farmers protests in Brussels today, a Copa and Cogeca delegation led by Christiane Lambert and Lennart Nilsson met with the Belgian Presidency, David Clarinval, ahead of the Agri-Fish meeting. Copa and Cogeca also exchanged with Commissioner Wojciechowski.

26.02.2024 #STATEMENT

Moment of truth tomorrow in the European Parliament: who will support farmers in the final vote on NRL?

While the farm demonstrations are in Brussels, tomorrow the European Parliament in Strasbourg will have to decide on its final position on the Nature Restoration Law. The compromise proposal resulting from the trilogues ignored the Parliament's initial position, returning many unrealistic and unbudgeted provisions to the centre of the regulation. No MEP voting on this text tomorrow will be able to say that they were unaware of the impact of such a proposal on the agricultural sector!

26.02.2024 #STATEMENT

For the EU to effectively address historic farm protests, it must put agriculture back at the core of its strategy

Agriculture and forestry have traditionally served as the cornerstone of the European project due to their strategic significance. Our sectors produce a wide range of commodities essential to all and are key players in ensuring food security for 450 million EU consumers as the world’s largest exporters of food and agricultural goods. Farmers are the first to feel the consequences of extreme weather events while contributing to the green transition by reducing emissions and storing carbon, being the custodians of rural areas and biodiversity. Furthermore, we actively engage in climate-smart and sustainable agriculture and forestry initiatives across our regions.

23.02.2024 #OPENLETTER

Cumulative impact study shows limited improvements for EU agri-food exports and reinforces the concerns for sensitive sectors

The Joint Research Service of the European Commission published yesterday the long-awaited study on the cumulative economic impact of upcoming trade agreements on EU agriculture. The study brings no big news, on the contrary it provides little encouragement as to the improved performance of our exports and reinforces the concerns for sensitive sectors.

23.02.2024 #STATEMENT

The Council has chosen to ignore farmers' concerns regarding Ukraine ATMs; it is now imperative for the European Parliament to take action

Despite demonstrations and factual evidence, the Council’s Coreper II, the permanent representatives committee, took the decision yesterday not to improve further the Commission proposed text on Ukraine ATMs. Should the text remain unamended also by the European Parliament, the economic sustainability of the EU's poultry meat, eggs, sugar, grain, and honey sectors will be endangered.


After the WTO ruling, Copa and Cogeca call on the US to immediately delete the unjustified tariffs on Spanish black olives

The World Trade Organization (WTO) panel has yesterday ruled in favour of the EU in the case against the US due to the tariffs imposed on the Spanish black olives. This WTO ruling says that the US have not implemented the first panel report which said these tariffs had no validity under the WTO rules. Despite sufficient time being granted by both the EU and the WTO, the US continued without correctly implementing the WTO rules.

21.02.2024 #STATEMENT

Conclusion of the Trilogue on Carbon Farming: Agreement reached at the expense of livestock farming

Negotiators from the Council and the European Parliament have reached a provisional political agreement on the regulation to establish an EU-level certification framework for carbon removals overnight. Since the initiative was launched by the Commission, Copa and Cogeca have supported the establishment of this pioneering framework. However, the compromise reached is not flawless, especially concerning livestock farming and complex additional criteria.

20.02.2024 #STATEMENT

The EU is at a crossroads with the Ukrainian agricultural issue

The Council and the European Parliament are presently deliberating on the Commission’s proposal for the renewal of Ukraine ATM. In Brussels, there has been a pervasive sense of uncertainty regarding an approach to address the issue for weeks. Should the Commission's proposed text remain unamended, the economic sustainability of the EU's poultry, eggs, sugar, grain, and honey sectors would be jeopardised.


Green Claims: double verification efforts could lead to double penalty at farm-level

With the text adopted, by a high majority, by the joint Committees vote on the Green Claims Directive proposal, farmers who want to communicate on their environmental practices will be required to go through a double verification process, making them think twice before applying any of these practices.

14.02.2024 #STATEMENT

NGT-Day: The European Parliament backs science and gives farmers new prospects

The European Parliament has approved the draft report of Jessica Polfjärd (EPP, Sweden) on new genomic techniques (NGTs) with 307 votes in favour, 41 abstentions and 263 against. This vote is seen by the EU farming community as a new step in the right direction. NGTs are among the practical solutions that can help our agriculture reconcile production and adaptation to climate change while maintaining cutting-edge research in the EU.

07.02.2024 #STATEMENT

EU 2040 climate target and carbon management Communications – A dialogue with farmers has finally been chosen!

Today, the Commission announced the publication of two Communications to address the European trajectory for GHG reductions, namely: The EU 2040 Climate Target and the Industrial Carbon Management Communications. Copa and Cogeca welcome the choice of dialogue and pragmatic support, finally retained by the European Commission.

06.02.2024 #STATEMENT

Copa and Cogeca’s first impressions after this afternoon’s meeting with President Ursula von der Leyen and Prime Ministers Alexander De Croo and Mark Rutte

Today, some of Copa and Cogeca’s member organisations came to protest in Brussels. This afternoon, Fédération Wallonne de l’Agriculture, Boerenbond, and a delegation from Copa and Cogeca, at the initiative of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, met with President Ursula von der Leyen and Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the margins of the European Council.


Ukraine ATMs - European Commission’s new proposal will not provide sufficient relief for affected EU producers

Today, the European Commission proposed to extend the current liberalisation of imports from Ukraine for one year with additional safeguards. While the move to put in place mechanisms that would safeguard EU producers from the impact of the rising imports is welcomed, our six organisations, representing cereals, oil seeds, poultry, eggs, and sugar sectors do not believe they will provide sufficient relief.

31.01.2024 #STATEMENT

On the Commission's announcements on derogations from certain agricultural rules

During the past few months, farmers across the EU have been severely impacted by extreme weather events and trade disruptions linked to the Russian invasion of Ukraine all of which have had severe impact on farming activities and the food supply chain.

31.01.2024 #STATEMENT

‘Breakfast Directives’: provisional agreement paves the way to better combat honey fraud

Last night a political agreement on the ‘Breakfast Directives’ was found between the Council and the European Parliament. It will ensure further traceability, quality, and transparency towards consumers for honey, fruit juices, jams, and dehydrated milk. Despite falling short of the European Parliament’s ambitious stance, the result is a much-need and long-awaited step forward.

31.01.2024 #STATEMENT

Half of Member States face farming protests - It's up to the EU to respond to this emergency!

Dear President of the European Commission, Today, we must listen to the echoes that are reverberating throughout our countryside from the West to the East of Europe. Farming communities are facing enormous challenges and pressures, which have only accumulated in recent years.

31.01.2024 #OPENLETTER

Copa-Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen transitions to Finnish agriculture administration

After seventeen years as the Secretary-General of Copa-Cogeca, Pekka Pesonen is set to join the Finnish agriculture administration on the 1st of February.

30.01.2024 #STATEMENT

Strategic dialogue begins: European farming organisations will be mobilised to find solutions and restore a strategic vision for agriculture

At the invitation of the President of the European Commission both Copa and Cogeca presidents took part in the launch day of the strategic dialogue on the future of agriculture in Brussels.

25.01.2024 #STATEMENT

The ENVI Committee gives its green light on NGTs

Today, the ENVI Committee adopted the draft report of MEP Jessica Polfjärd (EPP, SE) on NGTs with a majority of 47 votes in favour, 31 against and 4 abstentions. Copa and Cogeca welcome this key vote, which brings the EU farming community closer to a position on the use of NGTs in EU Parliament.

24.01.2024 #STATEMENT

Substantiating Green Claims: the vote in Agriculture Committee recognises sustainable practices at farm-level

The Committee on Agriculture approved an opinion on the proposal for a Directive on Substantiating Green Claims. It recognises the efforts at farm-level, it defends the potential of carbon farming and eases its implementation.

24.01.2024 #STATEMENT

Copa and Cogeca call on the European Commission to clarify the scope of the Strategic Dialogue on the future of agriculture

A wave of agricultural discontent has swept through Europe in recent weeks, fueled by escalating input costs, extreme weather events and economic and bureaucratic uncertainty. Farmers, grappling with these challenges, are expressing deep concern and a pervasive sense of being misunderstood. All the organisations affiliated with Copa and Cogeca are waiting for the European executive to respond. The strategic dialogue announced by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, during her State of the Union address in September is a welcome initiative, albeit one which has been slow to materialise. Furthermore, the scope of the discussions remains particularly vague.

19.01.2024 #STATEMENT

Agricultural sector must not become a reason for wavering support to Ukraine – Commission needs to find constructive solutions to address the impacts of trade liberalisation

Today, our six associations representing producers and manufacturers from the sugar, cereals/oilseeds, poultry meat and eggs sectors met with Commissioner Wojciechowski to express their strong concerns regarding the unlimited imports from Ukraine, and to suggest possible constructive solutions for managing the flows in the future.


European agri-food and forestry cooperatives sign the Tarragona Manifesto in support of new generations of farmers, forest owners and cooperators

Members of Cogeca, the organisation representing 22,000 European cooperative enterprises operating in the agri-food and forestry sectors, have consulted young cooperators, their cooperative enterprises, and their stakeholders to anticipate trends for the agricultural and forestry sectors and be equipped to respond to the critical challenge of generational renewal faced by European agriculture and rural areas.

18.12.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

COM AGRI shows understanding for the importance and complexity of NGTs file – so should COM ENVI

Yesterday evening, European Parliament’s COM AGRI adopted the draft opinion of MEP Veronika Vrecionová (ECR, CZ) on NGTs with a large majority of 34 in favor, 11 against and 1 abstention.

12.12.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

Honey Directive – European beekeepers welcome plenary vote as a turning point for the protection of the sector

Today, the European Parliament adopted its position on the revision of the “Breakfast Directives”. The opinion voted upon improves the Commission’s proposal and fixes crucial points of the COM ENVI report concerning honey, in terms of traceability, quality, and transparency towards consumers. European beekeepers are pleased with the willingness of the European Parliament to go even further than the Council position adopted on Monday.

12.12.2023 #STATEMENT

New animal transport rules – a clear need for improvement by co-legislators to avoid disruption and discrimination

European Commission published today the long-awaited revised rules for the protection of animals during transport, where some technical improvements are undermined by arbitrary and restrictive rules that are discriminatory to some Member States and have the potential to disrupt the Single Market.

08.12.2023 #STATEMENT

New animal transport rules – a clear need for improvement by co-legislators to avoid disruption and discrimination

European Commission published today the long-awaited revised rules for the protection of animals during transport, where some technical improvements are undermined by arbitrary and restrictive rules that are discriminatory to some Member States and have the potential to disrupt the Single Market.

07.12.2023 #STATEMENT

A ‘DG Food’ for the Commission? The wrong response to a real political issue!

Before even the launch of the European election campaign, Brussels is already buzzing with rumours and ideas for the next mandate. At the time of the first review, the plan to create a large 'DG Food' to replace the Directorate-General for Agriculture, while taking on competences in other parts of the Commission, is seen as appealing to some. For them, if "Farm to Fork" failed to convince, it was because the competences within the EU were too fragmented, whereas the Commission's main agricultural strategy presented a global vision of the transitions to be led. In this perspective, the creation of a DG Food would provide THE institutional response by creating a single steering cabin, facilitating decision-making and the extension of the Farm to Fork agenda over the next mandate.

05.12.2023 #OPINIONPIECE

Cogeca elects new President, Lennart Nilsson

The European agri-cooperatives organisation, Cogeca, held an election today in Brussels. Lennart Nilsson from the Swedish organisation LRF was appointed to lead the organisation representing over 22,000 farming cooperatives across the EU. Lennart Nilsson will replace the outgoing Spanish President, Ramon Armengol (Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias) after 4 years of presidency as of January.

30.11.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

Conclusion of the IED trilogue: a compromise that worries European livestock farmers

Early this morning, the trilogue negotiators reached a compromise on the Commission's proposal for a revision of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). Far from bringing relief, today’s compromise brings a feeling of incomprehension and concern among many livestock farmers.

29.11.2023 #STATEMENT

Forest Monitoring Framework – Final straw for Europe's foresters!

Against the backdrop of a busy agricultural policy agenda in Brussels, the presentation of the forestry monitoring law will hardly make the headlines. Pity because this new proposal from the Commission is once again being unanimously questioned in its approach by all forestry professionals and is felt as the final straw for many. Yet another text in which the consultations and opinions of those primarily concerned have not been taken into account!

22.11.2023 #STATEMENT

SUR - The European Parliament rejects the Commission's ideological approach on plant protection products

With the rejection of the European Commission’s proposal on the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products (SUR) in plenary, MEPs sent a decisive message: the lack of dialogue, the imposition of objectives from above, the refusal to assess the impact and the lack of funding for agricultural proposals must end now!

22.11.2023 #STATEMENT

Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation - Farmers and cooperatives breathe a sigh of relief following Plenary vote

Today in Strasbourg, MEPs voted on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation, with 426 votes in favour, 125 votes against and 74 abstentions. Copa and Cogeca note strong improvements to the initial proposal, taking into account the specific characteristics and realities of agricultural sectors.

22.11.2023 #STATEMENT

Council approves crucial conclusions on Long-Term Vision for EU’s Rural Areas

Copa and Cogeca support the Council conclusions approved on 20 November concerning the Long-Term Vision for the EU’s Rural Areas and wish to highlight that farmers, forest owners and agricultural cooperatives are already key contributors to achieving the objectives set out in the Vision.

21.11.2023 #STATEMENT

The European Carbon Certification Framework is making great strides, in the right direction

With the adoption today by the European Parliament of its final report on a proposal to establish the first EU-level certification framework for carbon removals, Europe is making great strides in the right direction. As the Council also adopted its negation mandates last week, trilogue negotiations will get underway in the coming weeks, and on the right track.

21.11.2023 #STATEMENT

Breakfast Directives – The European Parliament’s AGRI Committee introduces most welcome changes for iconic products

Today, the AGRI Committee approved, by unanimity, its draft opinion on the revision of the ‘Breakfast Directives’. The opinion voted upon improves the Commission’s proposal for honey, juices, and jams in terms of traceability, quality, and transparency towards consumers. Copa and Cogeca call on the ENVI Committee to mirror the AGRI Committee’s compromise amendments.

16.11.2023 #STATEMENT

Glyphosate reauthorisation - Member States pass the buck to the European Commission

Unsurprisingly, and for the second time, Member States representatives at the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (PAFF Committee) were unable to reach a position on being either for or against the reauthorisation of glyphosate at a qualified majority, following the Commission’s proposal. The European Commission will therefore have the final say on the reauthorisation period for the herbicide.

16.11.2023 #STATEMENT

MEP negotiator in Nature Restoration failed to respect his mandate and tried his hand at trilogue poker!

The European farming community is dismayed and greatly concerned this morning by the agreement reached by negotiators in trilogue on Nature Restoration yesterday evening. Despite a few mitigations, the overall final compromise reverts to a totally unrealistic proposal for farmers and forest-owners. Worse still, by reintroducing agricultural ecosystems into the proposal, absent from his negotiating mandate, lead negotiator César Luena (S&D, ES) tried his hand at poker, forcing the Parliament to reposition itself on the whole proposal.

10.11.2023 #STATEMENT

Cogeca Presidency Business Forum 2023: How cooperatives are instrumental for cultivating new generation of young farmers

Today in Tarragona, Spain, young farmers, and agricultural cooperatives gathered to exchange on the role of agricultural cooperatives in addressing the challenge of generational renewal facing European agriculture.

09.11.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

EU wine harvest 2023 – Overall decrease foreseen with some exceptions

As was presented during Copa and Cogeca’s Wine annual Harvest press conference had today, the EU wine reaping during 2023 has shown a continued decline in production across the main producing countries, Spain, Italy, and Germany. However, an increase was noted in France and Portugal, placing them in the top producing countries for the year.

25.10.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

SUR - The Environment Committee opts for a hardline, unrealistic approach without proposing any real solutions

Today’s vote on SUR was expected, but the outcome was already known: a voted text that goes even further than the Commission's initial proposal which was already completely out of touch with farming on-ground realities. The result is that the Environment Committee’s proposal will go through the Plenary session with unrealistic targets, impractical provisions such as on sensitive areas, and with few concrete solutions to offer when acceptable compromises could have been made.

24.10.2023 #STATEMENT

The Environment Committee's vote on packaging fails to provide the necessary clarification for many agricultural sectors

Today, MEPs from the Environment Committee adopted the report by Frédérique Ries (Renew, BE) on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation. This report, which was supposed to provide some mitigations to the Commission's proposal, still leaves certain farming sectors in total limbo.

24.10.2023 #STATEMENT

One step closer to a Certification Framework for Carbon Removals and Carbon Farming

Today, MEPs from the Environment Committee voted, with a strong majority, in favour of an EU Certification Framework for Carbon Removals and Carbon Farming, including carbon storage in products and the reduction of carbon and GHG emissions, but with a stick approach on co-benefits and sustainability requirements.

24.10.2023 #STATEMENT

Generational Renewal report - The European Parliament makes the right diagnosis and proposes first solutions

During the Plenary session held today in Strasbourg, MEPs voted in favour of the own-initiative report of Isabel Carvalhais (S&D, PT) regarding Generational Renewal in agriculture. Generational renewal is an increasingly pressing topic, and one that will condition all other agricultural evolutions, especially the future of rural areas. Therefore, Copa and Cogeca welcome any initiative on this matter at EU level and particularly this proactive report.

19.10.2023 #STATEMENT

European Parliament is charting a course on protein strategy that Commission would do well to follow!

During the Plenary session in Strasbourg today, MEPs decided to support Emma Wiesner’s (Renew, SE) report on the EU protein plan building on the existing strengths of EU agriculture while avoiding falling into simplistic oppositions. Copa and Cogeca support the proposals pushed forward in this report and call on the Commission to take them on board.

19.10.2023 #STATEMENT

Member States did not reach a position on glyphosate reauthorisation – What’s next?

Unsurprisingly, Member States representatives at the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (PAFF Committee) were unable to reach a position on being either for or against the reauthorisation of glyphosate at a qualified majority following the Commission’s proposal. The procedure will therefore continue with an appeal in the coming weeks. Copa and Cogeca takes note of the outcome of this vote, while calling on Member States to assume their responsibilities.

13.10.2023 #STATEMENT

Copa and Cogeca’s growers sound the alarm over the number of imported citrus fruit intercepted with pests

It's a figure that worries the entire European citrus-growing sector: from January to August 2023, European customs intercepted 33 consignments of citrus fruit from South Africa carrying black spot disease (Phyllotactic Citricarpa). At the same time four interceptions reported the presence of false codling moth (Thaumatotibia Leucotreta) in mandarins and grapefruits also coming from South Africa and Israel. These pests pose a considerable risk to all European production and should prompt the European authorities to take even more far-reaching action.

11.10.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

SUR - AGRI Committee votes a balanced opinion, ENVI Committee must now take it into account

On 9th October, the European Parliament's Agriculture and Rural Development Committee voted, by a strong majority (26 in favour, 9 against, 3 abstentions), in favour of the opinion presented by Clara Aguilera (S&D, ES) on the sustainable use of plant protection products (SUR). The voted proposal presents an acceptable compromise. Copa and Cogeca now call on the Environment Committee, which is responsible for this dossier, to take account of the opinion voted today.

09.10.2023 #STATEMENT

Innovation Award for Women Farmers 2023 - Celebrating women at the forefront of sustainable rural areas

Copa and Cogeca, in collaboration with Corteva Agriscience, held the 7th Edition of the Innovation Award for Women Farmers on 9th October. This prestigious award acknowledges and celebrates the remarkable contributions of women in agriculture who have pioneered innovative solutions, driving sustainability across the European Union's agriculture sector.

09.10.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

European Parliament recognises the specificities of essential oils - Producers can breathe a sigh of relief

In the Plenary session in Strasbourg today, the European Parliament acknowledged the special place occupied by essential oil production in the EU. The decision, led by rapporteur Maria Spyraki (EPP, GR), was greeted with relief by the entire sector, sending a sign of encouragement ahead of trilogue negotiations.

04.10.2023 #STATEMENT

Copa-Cogeca and the European Space Agency launch partnership to secure the future of sustainable and digital agriculture

Today in Paris, Copa-Cogeca and the European Space Agency (ESA) signed a first joint Memorandum of Intent “Supporting the Sustainable Transformation of the Agri-food Sector through Digitalisation and Space”.


“Let’s have a European tax on meat” - 4 reasons not to be fooled by this simplistic narrative!

Early September Eric Lambin, one of the Chief Scientific Advisors to the European Commission gave an interview for the European Science-Media Hub about his vision for sustainable food consumption in the EU. I found that several interesting challenges were tackled in this article, but the headline was clearly intended to be sensationalist; Prof. Lambin is in favour of a tax on “heavy red meat eaters". Nothing new here, as such a proposal comes back from time to time – but with regular recurrence. In 2020, a Dutch NGO called Tapp Coalitie, came up with the same idea intending to inspire the EU Farm to Fork Strategy as, most probably, this recommendation is for the forthcoming initiatives of the European Commission post-2024.

20.09.2023 #OPINIONPIECE

Copa and Cogeca propose the EU adopt a 0% target on adulterated honey by 2030!

Nearly one in two honeys imported into Europe today shows signs of being a counterfeit, and the trend is increasing upwards. If nothing is done, experts from Copa and Cogeca's Honey Working Party estimate that the EU could lose 5 million honeybee colonies by 2030. However, this situation is not inevitable, and solutions do exist, particularly if the European Commission decides to take concrete actions.

14.09.2023 #STATEMENT

SOTEU – Copa and Cogeca welcome the recognition given to the farming sectors by Ursula von der Leyen

Ursula von der Leyen's last State of the European Union speech was eagerly awaited by all those involved in the agricultural and forestry sector. Copa and Cogeca were hoping that the President of the European Commission would pay particular attention to the sectors, and we have been heard!

13.09.2023 #STATEMENT

European agriculture and forestry cannot be left out of the State of the Union address!

In a few days' time, as is now traditional, the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, will give the last State of the Union address of her office term. This speech is eagerly awaited by all the representatives of agriculture, forestry and, more generally, rural Europe. Not everything can be said in one speech, and it is a tricky matter to sum up all European actions in a few lines. However, with just a few months to go before the elections, we are hoping for a strong message to be sent to the farming community. The repeated absence of any mention of farmers, foresters and agri-cooperatives in this topical address has often disappointed our community and contributed to increasing the distance between Brussels and rural areas.

08.09.2023 #OPENLETTER

Positive start to the new agricultural year in Brussels: Committee on Agriculture reinforces carbon farming proposal

At its resumed session on 30th August, the European Parliament's Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development voted MEP Martin Hlaváček’s (Renew, CZ) opinion on the Certification Framework on Carbon Removals, approving it with a large majority. This vote sent a clear message from the Committee on Agriculture: carbon farming is part of the solution and farmers/foresters must be at the center of this new model.

30.08.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

Arable crop harvest 2023 – Faced with a rapidly deteriorating situation, Copa and Cogeca are calling for urgent action from DG AGRI

In the space of two months, forecasts for harvests which were initially positive have been turned on their head by poor weather conditions across Europe. The overall EU production for oilseeds and protein crops despite dramatic situations in Spain and Italy remain correct. However, for cereals the situation is extremely worrying with an expected production of 256 million tonnes, possibly the worst harvest since 2007 and 10% below the last 5-year average. Many farmers will not be able to cover their production costs, this is why Copa and Cogeca are launching an urgent call to action to face this difficult situation in 2023 and its consequences for 2024.

17.07.2023 #STATEMENT

Opinion Piece by Copa President Christiane Lambert and Cogeca President Ramon Armengol - Mercosur trade deal – an outdated agreement that lands far from Farm to Fork ambitions

We have talked about Mercosur so many times and here we are again. With the Council realms now with the Spanish Presidency, which is fully committed to bringing this deal across the line and the upcoming EU-Latin America Summit, it is the right time to reiterate the long-standing concerns we have with this agreement.

13.07.2023 #OPINIONPIECE

Nature Restoration Law: a vote that shouldn’t satisfy anyone and does not make the law any more applicable on farms

Yesterday in Strasbourg, Copa and Cogeca said it loud and clear: we can work on the restoration of nature, but it will be difficult with the law on the restoration of nature as proposed by the Commission. MEPs gathered in the plenary session in Strasbourg opted, after a disputed vote, to align themselves with the Council's position and to reject, by a short majority of 12 votes, the full rejection of the proposal. Despite improvements on the agricultural side of the proposal, this law remains fundamentally ill-prepared, lacks a budget, and will remain unimplementable for farmers and forest owners.

12.07.2023 #STATEMENT

IED: the European Parliament vote arrives at large majority against Commission's rhetoric on livestock farming

Today, the European Parliament voted as a large majority (367 votes in favour - 245 against) against any enlargement of scope of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) covering livestock farms. Besides, as the clear message sent to the European Commission, the Parliament recognised the IED is an ill-suited legislative instrument that simply ignores basic realities of the livestock sector.

11.07.2023 #STATEMENT

Twenty national farmer delegations present in Strasbourg to say a resounding NO to this Nature Restoration Law

There were over 300 protestors and 50 tractors from 20 different European countries present, following Copa and Cogeca’s call, to clearly say, “Yes, farmers are first in line for restoring nature but no, we can’t do this with the proposal as it is presented in the plenary in Strasbourg”. Ahead of the upcoming vote on the Nature Restoration, 20 MEPs joined the flash action to express their support to farmers.

11.07.2023 #STATEMENT

The unbearable lightness of the Commission’s approach on the future of winegrowing and other “minor crops”

Yesterday, I read the European Commission’s additional analysis on the revision of the Directive on the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products (PPP). This complementary study was requested by the Council at the end of last year. Being doubtful, several Member States asked for a more thorough analysis of the proposal and the target set by the Commission and to quantify the consequences of the proposed reduction targets in light of the changed geopolitical context.

07.07.2023 #OPINIONPIECE

Glyphosate: Will the European Commission follow EFSA's assessment or the anti-glyphosate campaigners?

There's media noise, and then there's time for science! Today, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published its first conclusions on the risk assessment linked to glyphosate, the most widely publicised herbicide. The European agency concluded that they did not identify critical areas of concern.

06.07.2023 #STATEMENT

New pillar of the farming Green Deal, the EU soil monitoring law is considered as acceptable by Copa and Cogeca

In its package of new measures entitled "sustainable use of natural resources", the European Commission has decided to launch today a new initiative focusing on soil quality monitoring. The proposal, which aims to remedy the degradation of 60% of European soils, will have implications in agriculture. Copa and Cogeca welcome this initiative, even if some specific elements will need to be improved by co-legislators.

05.07.2023 #STATEMENT

Copa and Cogeca welcome European Commission’s proposal on NGT-plants and plant and forest reproductive materials

After more than a decade of postponements, the European Commission has finally presented a proposal for a regulation on New Genomic Technique (NGT) plants together with a proposal for the revision of the plant reproductive materials marketing directives. Copa and Cogeca welcome the move and consider these proposals a good starting point for delivering solutions, concerning the inter-institutional negotiation.

05.07.2023 #STATEMENT

488 Farm-to-Fork commitments so far…and still counting

Today two years ago the European Commission formally launched the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices.


No-deal on GSP: Pressure has just turned up a notch for European rice growers

After seven political trilogues to renew the soon to be expired Generalised Scheme of tariff Preferences (GSP), negotiators did not manage to find an agreement yesterday and the European Commission is now working to present a targeted proposal for a rollover of the current system so as to avoid a cliff edge scenario. Copa and Cogeca deplore the lack of agreement between the institutions on the GSP. The renewal of this unilateral trade scheme with the inclusion of an automatic safeguard measure for EU rice is of the utmost importance for the European rice sector.

28.06.2023 #STATEMENT

Environment Committee rejects its proposal on nature restoration

Copa and Cogeca welcome the decision of the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment to reject its report on the Nature Restoration Law today despite unprecedented pressures and a debate politicised to the extreme. After the rejection by the Committee on Agriculture and then the Committee on Fisheries, this third rejection sends a clear message to the European Commission that it needs to withdraw its initial proposal and present a realistic alternative.

27.06.2023 #STATEMENT

Open Letter to Pascal Canfin, Chairman of the European Parliament's Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety

We have had many exchanges during your parliamentary term. Our conversations have always been direct and constructive. This is why I would like to respond in substance to the analysis you made in the columns the French newspaper “Libération” on the reasons for the opposition surrounding the European Commission's proposal on nature restoration. The Manichean narrative of "for/against" nature restoration that were put forward by certain NGOs and taken up in the media and which you decided to echo say nothing about the content of the text on the table and its impact on rural areas.

26.06.2023 #OPENLETTER

EU Agriculture cooperatives have a central role to play in securing energy transition for the sector and beyond

Cogeca has today held the first of its Business Fora for 2023, on the theme “What is the Role of Cooperatives in Achieving Affordable, Secure and Sustainable Energy”, reflecting the importance of this theme and to mark the Commission’s Energy Week.

21.06.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

Nature Restoration Law Council General Approach adopted – all eyes on European Parliament now

Today the European Council reached an agreement (general approach) on the proposal for the Nature Restoration Law (NRL); Copa and Cogeca are dismayed by the unfortunate failure of the Environment Council to reject the NRL proposal. This general approach, which was reached under the Swedish Presidency with 20 votes in favour, 5 against, and 2 abstentions; is remarkable due to the fact that amongst those who voted against, Sweden was present, and in doing so has rejected their presidency proposal for a general approach.

20.06.2023 #STATEMENT

Vote on nature restoration - even Parliament's environment committee was too divided to take a stance today!

The long-awaited vote in the Parliament's Environment Committee on nature restoration will not come to its conclusion as expected as MEPs are so divided. Nothing has yet been decided, but the perfect draw between opponents and supporters of the project shows the extent to which this ill-prepared and ill-equipped text is the main issue for MEPs. The vote on the amendments to the text that were held today will make it even more impractical for European farmers, foresters, and fishermen if it is voted through as it stands. This is why we are continuing to call for it to be rejected by the Environment Committee and in the plenary session in the coming weeks.

15.06.2023 #STATEMENT

Food security - The European Parliament agrees on key report shaping its vision for agriculture

In the plenary session today in Strasbourg, the European Parliament adopted by a large majority (447 votes to 142 and 31 abstentions) the report presented by Marlene Mortler (EPP, DE) on "Food security and the long-term resilience of European agriculture". This comprehensive text sets out the Parliament's doctrine on agricultural issues, based on lessons learnt from recent crises. Copa and Cogeca fully support this report, which sets out a clear, pragmatic, and innovative vision within which the farming community can work. We now call on the European Parliament to be consistent considering the forthcoming votes on issues related to agriculture!

14.06.2023 #STATEMENT

United call for rejection of unrealistic nature legislation that endangers farmers and fishers’ livelihoods and food production in the EU

As part of its Biodiversity strategy, the European Commission proposed last year its flagship Nature Restoration Law which calls for new binding targets to restore degraded ecosystems. The Regulation is bound to have huge and devastating consequences for farming and forestry across the EU, to close countless fishing grounds for restoration purposes. Copa-Cogeca and Europêche call on the Committee on Environment (ENVI) to hear and respect the concerns of the farmer and fisher communities and request the Commission to restart the process from the scratch.


Geographical Indications – European Parliament receives a strong mandate for trilogue negotiations with Council

MEPs adopted today, at the mini-plenary session in Brussels, the report on Geographical Indications (GIs) for wine, spirit drinks and agricultural products. The clear majority in favour (603) gave the rapporteur MEP Paolo de Castro (IT, S and D) a strong mandate for the interinstitutional negotiations starting on 6 June. Copa-and Cogeca welcome the outcome of the vote which safeguards and improves the GI system in significant ways.

01.06.2023 #STATEMENT

Flash Action in Brussels against Nature Restoration Law – Where do farmers fit in the picture?

On Thursday 1 June, Brussels' Luxembourg Square was briefly transformed into an agricultural landscape. European farmers, together with representatives of Farmers' Union and European agricultural representative organisation, Copa andCogeca, mobilised in front of the European Parliament to make a clear point: make sure the Nature Restoration Law is not approved, for the very clear reason that it threatens the way we produce and where we produce our food in Europe. Despite pressure and counter protest, a good number of MEPs joined and endorsed this action, showing that they too understand the serious impacts that this Commission proposal brings for our food and fibre producing sectors.

01.06.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

“End of cages” in agriculture - First European impact assessment presented by Copa-Cogeca

In the context of the forthcoming revision of the Animal Welfare Directive, the question of the use of cages is under discussion at EU level. The concept popularised by the European Citizen initiative "End of Cages" has paradoxically never been subject to any impact assessment before. As no study could be expected on this matter from the European Commission, Copa and Cogeca have commissioned the first ever comprehensive report to better understand the economic, social and environmental impacts of such a proposal. Unsurprisingly, the outcomes highlight a number of consequences that have been completely overlooked in the public debate until now.

31.05.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

Still in a fog - The European Parliament split over the place of livestock farming in revision of the Industrial Emissions Directive

While the European Parliament's Committee on Agriculture understood the dramatic consequences of extending the scope of application of the Industrial Emission Directive (IED), today its Environment counterpart voted a position that showed no considerations to the EU’s farming realities. Causing a situation of the utmost concern for Copa and Cogeca ahead of the Plenary in June.

24.05.2023 #STATEMENT

Harvest 2023 – Copa and Cogeca figures foresee an overall increase of crops production despite severe drought

The experts from Copa and Cogeca’s Cereals and Oilseeds and Protein Crops Working Parties predict a general increase of the EU’s cereals, oilseeds, and protein crop production in 2023, despite an anticipated serious decrease of production in Spain. The EU-27 cereal production should reach 277 million tonnes (+4.6% compared to the 2022 harvest). A similar positive trend is expected for oilseeds (34.1 million tonnes; +8.2%) and protein crops (3.9 million tonnes; +5%).

24.05.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

Agriculture Committee did not give in to the blackmail of the Commission and decided to reject the proposal on nature restoration

Copa and Cogeca welcome a courageous and judicious decision of the European Parliaments Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development to reject the Nature Restoration Law proposal today by a large majority. With the development of the Nature Restoration Law proposal in the committees of the European Parliament, we have watched with dismay as the proposal overall has moved further and further away from rationality and realities on the ground.

23.05.2023 #STATEMENT

Leading EU agri-food chain organisations unite in a call for more involvement around the shaping of the future legislative Framework for Sustainable Food Systems

Today, 31 organisations representing all the leading organisations of the food chain in the EU sent a joint letter to the European Commission asking to be more involved in the building process of the Farm to Fork flagship initiative: the legislative Framework for Sustainable Food Systems (FSFS).

12.05.2023 #STATEMENT

European Parliament avoids major pitfalls on EU school scheme!

During the Parliamentary plenary held today in Strasbourg, MEPs adopted the report on the implementation of the school scheme for fruit, vegetables, milk, and dairy products, with a clear majority (534 in favour, 57 against and 23 in abstention). Copa and Cogeca welcome the adoption of the report prepared by MEP Carmen Avram (S&D, RO).

09.05.2023 #STATEMENT

EU Parliament's agriculture Committee makes it clear that Green Deal must not jeopardise the continent's food security

Today the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture adopted, with a strong majority, MEP Mortler’s (EPP, DE) report on “Ensuring food security and long-term resilience of the EU agriculture”. This report aims at presenting the European Parliament’s stance on food security in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and looking at short and medium-term challenges.

25.04.2023 #STATEMENT

EU Parliament's Agriculture Committee says a resounding NO to Commission's rhetoric on IED!

Today, the Committee on Agriculture voted with 36 votes in favour, 8 against, and 2 abstentions on its opinion on the Commission’s revision proposal on the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). The Committee simply rejected the Commission's ill-suited legislative instrument towards livestock farming. Copa and Cogeca have been demonstrating for months the problems and difficulties[1] that the application of the Commission's proposal would cause on the ground, which is why we welcome the adoption of the report by MEP Benoit Lutgen (EPP, BE).

25.04.2023 #STATEMENT

Swedish Presidency of the Council is rightly putting Bioeconomy back at the top of EU agenda

The publication of the progress report on the EU Bioeconomy strategy and the events organised under the Swedish Presidency of the EU Council proves that a new impetus must be given to bioeconomy. Bioeconomy is one of those silent revolutions that provides many concrete solutions to sustainable transitions. Big miss in the Green Deal, Europe is moving too slow considering the added value that could be generated by an upscale of bioeconomy especially in rural areas.


Revision of the marketing standards - bittersweet feeling for EU beekeepers after Commission announcements

The European Commission presented today its proposals revising the marketing standards of, inter alia, fruit and vegetables, fruit juices and jams, honey, poultry, and eggs. For years, European honey producers have been looking forward to this publication that could save them from the catastrophic situation the sector has been experiencing for several years. The Commission has considered some of the sector's demands, but there is a lack of ambition in protecting the sector from fraud.

21.04.2023 #STATEMENT

Australia FTA – agriculture concessions still remain sensitive for EU farmers and agri-cooperatives

With the next negotiating round just days away, European farmers and agri-cooperatives must address the sensitive sectors concessions and expectations for a balanced outcome in the EU-Australia free trade negotiations.

21.04.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

EU’s trade agenda weighs heavily on the European beef and sheep meat sectors

The European beef and sheep meat sectors are one of the pillars of European cultural and gastronomical heritage. However, for a multitude of reasons, our sectors have been facing a decline in production and are under extreme pressure due to market access given to other countries and EU regulatory initiatives.

20.04.2023 #OPINIONPIECE

GSP trilogue: EU rice producers urge negotiators to activate an automatic safeguard on imports as a “lifejacket”

As trilogue negotiations on Generalised Schemes of tariff Preferences (GSP) will resume on 27th April in Brussels, Copa and Cogeca call on negotiators to follow the European Parliament’s position on article 29, ensuring that the Commission will introduce automatic safeguard measures on rice imports from EBA countries. This provision is a matter of survival for Europe’s rice sector.

20.04.2023 #STATEMENT

On the vote on the European Commission’s Communication on Sustainable Carbon Cycles

Today the European Parliament voted and adopted (323 votes in favour, 59 abstentions and 257 against) its report (with rapporteur Alexander Bernhuber) on the European Commission’s Communication on Sustainable Carbon Cycles. The farming and forestry community welcome this communication since the growing interest in carbon farming should be an opportunity for farmers and forest owners to transform their business model and should allow for better rewards for those who engage in a transition to more sustainable agriculture and forestry practices.

18.04.2023 #STATEMENT

The EESC continues to try to keep the wolf at bay

The European Economic and Social Committee continued the debate on the role and impact that large carnivore populations have in rural areas and to livestock farmers. With little work being done by the European Commission to actively alleviate the issue, the EESC furthers the conversation.

14.04.2023 #STATEMENT

Honey fraud - Copa and Cogeca launch #HoneYstLabellingNow campaign

Today, Copa and Cogeca's Honey Working Party held an online press conference to address the shocking revelations of studies conducted by the European Commission services on the adulteration of every second honey tested on the European market. The solutions to tackle this massive fraud are known and must be implemented in the upcoming revision of the EU Honey Directive. It is in this context that Copa and Cogeca have launched a call for mobilisation to all EU beekeepers on social media under the hashtag #HoneYstlabellingNow.

12.04.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

RED III Trilogue agreement - Copa and Cogeca consider the outcome as an acceptable compromise

On 29 and 30 March 2023, the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council reached an agreement on the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (REDIII). The outcome of the RED III negotiations is seen as an acceptable compromise for the EU farming community.

31.03.2023 #STATEMENT

Joint statement of the European social partners in agriculture for the ratification of ILO Convention C184

In 2001, the International Labour Organisation introduced the Convention 184 for an "Agreement on Occupational Safety and Health in Agriculture". The Convention is an international agreement developed with the participation of the social partners in agriculture. It is an important instrument introducing a set of basic provisions guiding national authorities on how to improve occupational health and safety in this sector at risk.


The existence of European honey will be at stake in the coming months in Brussels

What image first comes to your mind when you hear about EU counterfeit products? Perfumes, bags, or branded items? If so, think again! Honey should be at the top of the list when you think of these products! The European Commission has just released a report on an EU-wide investigation into the quality of honey imported into the EU. Its findings are shocking: 46% of all samples analysed[1] by EU public bodies were found to be suspicious from a fraud point of view and yet imports still account for as much as 40% of the EU’s annual honey consumption.

29.03.2023 #OPINIONPIECE

The EU market is flooded with syrup-based “honey”: finally putting a figure on foul play!

Today, the European Commission published two joint reports on fraudulent practices in imports of honey into the EU. According to investigations, 46% of the collected samples were suspected of being adulterated with added syrups. This dramatic situation has been denounced by Copa and Cogeca for years now. Yet solutions are known and unanimously supported by the sector: it is high time for the EU to act!

23.03.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

Substantiation of Green Claims - A European first supported by the farming community

The European Commission presented today a new building block of the European Green Deal on the substantiation of Green Claims (DSGC), applicable to all companies operating in the European Union. In the current proliferation of environmental claims and labels, Copa and Cogeca salute the Commission’s attempt to introduce measures aiming at harmonizing environmental claims. Modalities, particularly in the agri-food sector, will still require some finetuning.

22.03.2023 #STATEMENT

EU school scheme at a crossroads - a programme of public utility, which must thrive without falling into ideology

Today in COM AGRI, a very large majority of MEPs approved MEP Carmen Avram’s (S&D, RO) report on the implementation of the school scheme for fruit, vegetables, milk and dairy products despite various persistent doubts. This European programme has been in place for some years now and has proved useful in many ways. Copa and Cogeca along with EDA, therefore, welcome its continuation but remain vigilant about its potential instrumentalisation.


From FADN to FSDN - Framing how data is collected is important but regulating how data is used is paramount!

Today the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament (COM AGRI) voted on the report regarding the proposal for converting the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) into the Farm Sustainability Data Network (FSDN). Copa and Cogeca praise the work conducted by the rapporteur MEP Jérémy Decerle (Renew, FR) which responds to many of the uncertainties expressed by the farming community.

22.03.2023 #STATEMENT

Efforts for more sustainable packaging for the fruit and vegetables sector should be based on realistic, fair, and feasible targets for real environmental impact reduction

Copa-Cogeca, Freshfel Europe, the European Fresh Produce Association, and Europatat, the European Potato Trade Association, have taken note of the European Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on Packaging and Packaging Waste that was published on 30 November 2022, and support the ambitions of the text to reduce packaging waste, protect the functioning of the internal market and achieve a circular economy in line with the European Green Deal.


Too late, not enough, not coherent – EU Commission must already review its proposal for emergency support to farmers affected by Ukrainian exports

Copa and Cogeca have been supportive of Ukrainian farming communities since the launch of the war by Russia accepting solidary lanes and removal of tariffs on agricultural commodities imports. Consequently, the increasing import from Ukraine is posing serious challenges to farmers and cooperatives in the bordering regions through which commodities transit. In this context, the support of the European Union in these neighbourhood regions is crucial and was promised by the European Commission. As the first implementing regulation is being discussed, it is clear today that the promised support does not meet expectations and will clearly lack consistency.

18.03.2023 #STATEMENT

European Council’s political stance on IED falls short in meeting EU farming community needs

After lengthy discussions, the Environment Council under the Swedish Presidency adopted today its position on the revision of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) including a section on agriculture. For Copa and Cogeca, the compromise reached by Member States is far from being sufficient, leaving a lot of grey areas. At least, the heated debates surrounding the negotiations brought clarity on one point: the threshold approach proposed initially by the European Commission is primarily political, punitive and will have unanticipated consequences when applied on-farm.

16.03.2023 #STATEMENT

Copa and Cogeca celebrate International Women's Day and highlight the importance of digitalisation for women farmers

Copa and Cogeca celebrate International Women's Day today and recognise the critical role of innovation and digitalisation for achieving gender equality and empowering women farmers across European rural areas.

08.03.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

New EFSA report shows that EU livestock complies with Regulations on Veterinary Medicinal Products

The latest report from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on the presence of residues of veterinary medicinal products and certain substances in live animals and animal products demonstrates again that livestock farmers are taking the necessary steps to comply with EU regulations on the use of veterinary medicinal products. The percentage of non-compliant samples in 2021 was lower than in previous years.

28.02.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

EFSA Scientific Opinion on broilers on farms: the roadmap to unsustainable poultry production in Europe

Today, EFSA released its scientific opinion on broilers and laying hens based on a particularly narrow mandate on animal welfare set by the European Commission. Consequentially, EFSA’s opinion contains unprecedented recommendations which, if applied in these terms, would simply lead to the loss of most of the European poultry sector, meat and eggs combined.


SUR - 50%... 80%? The bingo of political targets in agriculture continues in the ENVI Committee of the EU Parliament

Yesterday, the main European media published the highlights of the rapporteur's proposal for the European Parliament's ENVI Committee for the EU's legislation on the sustainable use of pesticides regulation (SUR). This proposal would aim, among other things, to reduce the use of "more hazardous plant protection products" by over 80% based on 2018-2020 use. This would put the ENVI Committee's proposal well above the Commission's Farm to Fork proposal of 50% on a 2015-2017 basis.

17.02.2023 #STATEMENT

IED livestock threshold – Is the house of cards falling?

In April 2022, the European Commission launched its proposal to revise the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), including measures targeting European livestock farmers. The approach adopted by the European Commission, which has been heavily criticised, is to set the threshold for the livestock sector at 150 livestock units (LSU) above which pig, poultry, and cattle farms would have to comply with the directive. To justify this threshold approach, the Commission relied on a specially commissioned impact assessment.

17.02.2023 #STATEMENT

Copa and Cogeca welcome EU Court of Justice ruling on “in vitro” random mutagenesis techniques

In a ruling (Case C-688/21) handed down on 7 February 2023, the European Court of Justice decided upon the genome of a living species that is modified without adding foreign DNA and is not subject to the EU GMO Directive. In its judgment, the court has set a clear condition; these organisms “are excluded from the scope" of the European GMO Directive if they are derived "from a mutagenesis technique or method which has traditionally been used for various in vivo applications and whose safety has long been proven with regard to those applications". In other words, mutagenesis techniques are therefore excluded from the scope of the EU GMO Directive (Directive 2001/18/EC).

08.02.2023 #STATEMENT

EU Parliament's Agriculture Committee adopts common-sense measures to respond to fertiliser market crisis

The European Parliament's Agriculture Committee voted yesterday on a draft resolution complementing the Commission's November communication on the availability and affordability of fertilisers. Copa and Cogeca welcome the clear majority given to the resolution in Committee and the proposed measures voted.

01.02.2023 #STATEMENT

Nature Restoration, Deforestation, and Industrial Emission: the three-unknown equations for Swedish farmers

The Swedish Presidency of the EU has just begun. This gives me the opportunity to reflect on how current and upcoming EU legislation, particularly from the Green Deal, is affecting my region. I am a dairy farmer, running a family farm with my brother, 40km from Gothenburg on the West coast of Sweden. We are a traditional Swedish farm with around 170 dairy cows, 350ha of agricultural land, and as is common in our region, we own and manage around 200 hectares of forest as part of our enterprise. A mixed farm such as mine will be impacted by multiple EU policies and by objectives set in the two key Green Deal communications, namely Farm to Fork and the Biodiversity Strategy.

31.01.2023 #OPINIONPIECE

The Swedish Presidency is right to put bioeconomy back at the top of the EU agenda!

Since the first EU Bioeconomy strategy in 2012, the EU Commission has succeeded in encouraging Member States and operators in developing concrete actions; making bioeconomy a silent revolution. However, bioeconomy was not an integrated part of the EU Green Deal and, as such, limited attention has been given to the topic. Copa and Cogeca see the willingness of the Swedish Presidency to act in this area, as a positive signal.

27.01.2023 #STATEMENT

On the CJEU ruling on the emergency use of banned neonic insecticides

CEFS, the European Association of Sugar Manufacturers, CIBE, the International Confederation of European Beet Growers, and COPA-COGECA take note of yesterday’s decision of the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU). This ruling interprets Article 53 of the European Regulation on placing of plant protection products on the market in a very restrictive manner, prohibiting the use of seeds coated with banned pesticides – even through the use of national derogations and in emergencies.


EU Pigmeat Reflection Group concluded with concrete solutions and a vision for the sector

Copa and Cogeca is satisfied with the work and conclusions of the Reflection Group on Pigmeat launched by the EU. The final report and its recommendations will provide a baseline for the sector to meet sustainability challenges whilst ensuring food security.

19.01.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

US tariffs on Spanish ripe olives must be eliminated without delay

Almost one year since the United States announced its intention to fully implement the WTO panel’s ruling, which gave reason to the EU and Spanish olive producers, no action has been taken to comply with the recommendations. Following a debate at the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament meeting today, Copa and Cogeca call for a prompt implementation of the 2021 WTO report and elimination of all duties.

09.01.2023 #PRESSRELEASE

European farmers’ confidence index shows further decreases across EU amidst numerous crises

The European farmers’ confidence survey was carried out in seven[1] EU Member States and the United Kingdom. The survey saw a continuous decrease in overall confidence since the last semester of 2021. Going closer into national context, the results showed a mixed feeling in confidence mainly connected to the economic situations of the sectors.

20.12.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

A decision that could change everything for European rice farmers?

In light of the revision of the Generalised Scheme of tariff Preferences (GSP), the Council of the European Union has adopted its position taking into account the recent Court of Justice of the European Union’s (CJEU) judgment that cancelled the Commission Implementing act imposing safeguard measures on imports from Cambodia and Myanmar. Member States have debated extensively over the GSP, where safeguard measures were among the most discussed topics. Copa and Cogeca welcome the outcome as the introduction of different important modifications should ultimately result in the protection of EU rice farmers.

20.12.2022 #STATEMENT

SUR – After two years of dithering, EU Council requests a complementary impact assessment from the Commission

The European Council voted yesterday in favour of a decision with a clear message addressed to the European Commission: a complementary impact assessment on the wider effects of a 50% reduction in plant protection products must be conducted as a matter of urgency. As a long-standing request, Copa and Cogeca fully support the Council's request and deeply regret that we are still at the same point after more than two years of discussions on Farm to Fork!

20.12.2022 #STATEMENT

CBAM – EU legislators reach an agreement that still leaves agriculture on the bench

Following weeks of intense negotiations under the Czech Presidency of the EU, legislators have, over the weekend, reached breakthrough agreements on key files within the Fit for 55 package including Emission Trading System, Social Climate Fund and the final elements of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) agreement.

19.12.2022 #STATEMENT

On the EU-Chile Association Agreement modernisation

Today the EU and Chile reached a political agreement on the modernisation of their 20-year-old association agreement. Copa and Cogeca acknowledge the furthering of the trading relationship but remain wary due to the wider cumulative impact of the overall EU trade policy.

09.12.2022 #STATEMENT

EU Council of Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers should avoid eel-advised decision

In the upcoming EU Council of Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers meeting on the 11th and 12th of December, Member States will decide on the EU fishing opportunities for certain fish stocks for 2023. In the proposal currently on the table, one particular provision could have dire consequences for the entire eel fishery sector. All key representative organisations, Copa-Cogeca, Europêche and FEAP, together with a group of 18 MEPs are calling on Member States to pay attention to the preservation of this traditional and sustainable fishery.

09.12.2022 #STATEMENT

On the Provisional agreement on deforestation

Copa and Cogeca take note of the provisional agreement announced today aiming at ensuring products causing deforestation are not sold in the EU. This agreement will now have to be formally adopted in the European Parliament and Council.

06.12.2022 #STATEMENT

Cogeca Business Forum – How do cooperatives communicate their contributions to sustainability?

Today in Brussels, Cogeca organised its traditional biannual Business Forum under the topic “The importance of communicating Environmental, Social and Governance elements: the B2B and B2C approaches of European agri-cooperatives?”.

30.11.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

Efforts for more sustainable packaging should be based on realistic, fair, and feasible targets if to not defeat the purpose

Today the European Commission released a proposal for a Regulation on Packaging and Packaging Waste. The harmonisation of EU rules is required to protect the EU common market and avoid fragmentation and as such the revision of the directive into a regulation is a step in the right direction. However, Copa and Cogeca regret the fact that some of the targets, notably for recycled plastic packaging content and reuse/refill, overlook the reality on the ground and the implications, in particular for wine, fresh fruit and vegetable producers in a difficult socio-economic context.

30.11.2022 #STATEMENT

On the European Commission proposal regarding the establishment of the certification of carbon removals

Today the European Commission released its proposal for a regulation to set a framework around carbon removals’ certification following its communication last year. In view of the multiplication of grassroots initiatives across the continent, an attempt at harmonising and structuring the sector is welcome. Yet, it is hard to get a precise picture of the framework as the proposal on the table still lacks clarity - many important elements will be decided by delegated acts. Copa and Cogeca regret the very restrictive definition given to carbon farming practices which excludes all mitigation activities from its scope of application.

30.11.2022 #STATEMENT

On the outcome of the vote in Plenary on the joint resolution on large carnivores

Copa and Cogeca welcome the conclusion of a years’ worth of discussion on the topic of large carnivores in the European Parliament. The joint resolution voted today with a robust majority (306 votes in favour, 225 against) has brought together many opposing views to genuinely discuss the topic and to push the issue to the other EU institutions for them to act on.

24.11.2022 #STATEMENT

European Parliament Resolution on Large Carnivores must not lose its bite!

Faced with the explosion of large carnivore populations, tomorrow MEPs gathered in Strasbourg will have to vote on a joint resolution on this burning issue. Despite the daily dramas that take place in European herds, it is feared that the proposal that the European Parliament could vote on would result in an empty shell, with paper measures that won’t respond to the urgency of the situation. For the European breeders, it is clear that any proposal that does not include article 19 of the Habitat directive, now 30 years old, will prevent any effective management of the populations of large carnivores.

23.11.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

She can’t be it if she can’t see it! Inspiring more women to get involved in agriculture

This was the purpose of today’s event in the European Parliament hosted by MEP Carvalhais (S&D, PT), Avram (S and D, RO) and Schmiedtbauer (EPP, AT) which aimed to highlight the role women play in the agricultural sector. On this occasion, Copa and Cogeca launched the call for the next Women Farmers Innovation Award 2023.

17.11.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

After challenging years in 2020-2021, the bad streak continues for European honey producers in 2022

Years go by and little seems to change for European honey producers. After a historic low all across the continent in 2021, the 2022 season shows a great contrast between fairly good production in the North of Europe while the South – where the largest production lies - was severely hit by a strong drought. This mixed result is burdened by the explosion of input costs for the sector. After several years at this rate, many European producers are questioning their future. Copa and Cogeca expects concrete and rapid answers in the framework of the revision of the Honey Directive.

17.11.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

A 28% decline in the 2022 EU hop and alpha acid production worries the whole industry

Unfavourable weather events – high temperatures, hail, and droughts – over the summer months are estimated to have resulted in a 28.2% production decline for alpha and aroma hops compared to 2021 (64,338 tonnes EU total) and below the ten-year-average yields. A 37.8% drop is also expected for alpha acid production. Amid the exponential rise in production costs (energy, fertilisers, personnel, wire) and the lack of plant protection products, the harvest results pose major challenges for the entire hop industry.

16.11.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

Most recent CJEU judgment should push EU decision makers to strengthen mechanisms to protect the EU rice farming community

On November 9th, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued an important judgment on the imports of Indica rice originating in Cambodia and Myanmar. The major consequence of this decision is that the court cancelled the Commission Implementing act imposing safeguard measures on imports from both countries. Cambodia and Myanmar have benefited greatly in recent years from the “EBA” (Everything but Arms) agreement, enabling them to export considerable high tax-free volumes to Europe putting the viability of EU producers at stake. As the regulation on the Generalised Scheme of tariff Preferences (GSP) is underway in Brussels, Copa and Cogeca call on European decision-makers to take note of the decision by proposing a reinforced system.

14.11.2022 #STATEMENT

Fertiliser: A new communication for (almost) nothing?

Faced with the ongoing crisis of the fertiliser market, the European Commission published today a long-awaited communication on the matter. This paper adds to the March communications, RepowerEU and Food Security which already addressed the issue of fertilisers. For Copa and Cogeca the disappointment is as great as the expectations: this new communication simply failed to provide concrete answers to the shortcomings faced by European farmers.

09.11.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

The Brazilian Butterfly Effect - Will Lula's return mean that the Mercosur agreement will be forced through by the EU Commission?

The Brazilian election held on 30th October 2022 was historic in many respects and will have repercussions far beyond the country's borders. For the EU, Lula's election is seen as a signal: the EU-Mercosur trade deal can be taken out of the freezer! In fact, the polemic deal signed with the Latin-American trade block in 2019, has not been yet ratified. Four years ago, the European Parliament and several Member States clearly indicated that they could not support this deal due the substantial negative impact on EU agricultural markets and the environment. Will MEPs and Member States suddenly change their opinion depending on the political colour of the newly elected President?

08.11.2022 #OPINIONPIECE

The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development adopts crucial report on long-term vision for the EU's Rural Areas

Copa and Cogeca welcome the own-initiative report on the long-term Vision for the EU's Rural Areas - Towards stronger, connected, resilient and prosperous rural areas led by rapporteur MEP Isabel Carvalhais and adopted today by the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee (COM AGRI).

25.10.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

EU wine - Skyrocketing production costs overshadow the slightly improved 2022 harvest outcome

On the occasion of the 2022 Wine Harvest Event, the Copa-Cogeca Working Party on Wine presented its harvest estimates. The 2022 EU wine production is to be marginally improved (+2%) in comparison to the previous marketing year but still falls short of the 5-year average, as forecasted in a previous communication. Droughts, scorching temperatures and episodes of frost/hail account for the tepid increase in yields. On a positive note, high quality wines are expected to be obtained, thanks to the good health status of the raisin and the absence of diseases.

25.10.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

European Farmers Congress – The 3 pillars for the future of EU agriculture: food security, sustainability and innovation

The 10th edition of the Congress of European farmers organised by Copa and Cogeca and supported by the Croatian Chamber of Agriculture (HPK), was held in Šibenik from 12 to 14 October. Among the 400 participants and panelists, concerns related to the multiple aftershocks of Covid-19, the war in Ukraine and the climate change effects marked the discussions. A consensus arised from all stakeholders involved in the panels: food security and sustainability must be the priority objectives, with innovation and investments connecting both.

13.10.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

Facing an energy price boom; a common and urgent European response is key for securing food supplies

Today, Copa and Cogeca Praesidium members held an extraordinary online meeting to discuss the ongoing energy crisis and its impact on the agriculture sector and food production. The meeting took place at a key moment for EU decisions, coinciding with the EU Head of State gathering in Prague.

07.10.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

Energy crisis - Breakthrough agreement reached in Council yesterday, strategic also to ensure food supplies

Yesterday in Brussels, the Energy Ministers of the EU Member States reached a political agreement on a proposal for a Council Regulation to address the high energy prices crisis felt across the Union. The deal represents an important breakthrough, eagerly awaited for by the European farming community.

01.10.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

EU must recognise agri-food producers as a priority in new emergency intervention

Brussels, 29 September 2022 – EU Energy Ministers will meet on Friday to discuss emergency interventions to address skyrocketing energy prices. Agri-food chain associations Copa-Cogeca, Primary Food Processors (PFP) and FoodDrinkEurope urge Members States to recognise the agri-food chain as a priority as it decides on a new emergency intervention and to ensure access to energy at affordable prices.


COPA 2022 election - Christiane Lambert is re-elected as President of COPA with a renewed vice-presidency

In a key moment of internal democracy, COPA, the European farmers' representative body, voted its new presidency today. Christiane Lambert (FNSEA, FR) was re-elected unanimously for a second term of two years, a first in more than 15 years. Alongside her, six vice-presidents were (re)elected: Massimiliano Giansanti (Confagricoltura, IT), Pedro Gallardo (ASAJA, ES), Mladen Jakopovic (HPK, HR), Tim Cullinan (IFA, IE), Marius Mihai Micu (AAC, RO) and Palle Borgström (LRF, SE).

23.09.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

2022 EU wine harvest: extreme weather events will likely lead to mixed results

The EU wine production is forecasted to remain roughly stable compared to the previous year but fall short of reaching the 5-year average (2017-2021) with important within-country disparities resulting from droughts and high temperatures recorded during the spring and summer months.

16.09.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

EU Parliament paradox - We cannot hope to reach 45% of renewable energy in 2030 while disregarding bioenergy

Yesterday, the European Parliament voted on the report of MEP Markus Pieper (EPP, DE) proposing a revision of the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED III). The role and place of solid (forest biomass) and liquid bioenergy (biofuel) was at the heart of the stereotyped debate, far from ground realities, leaving the European parliamentarians adopting an untenable position, mainly for the European forestry biomass sector.

15.09.2022 #STATEMENT

Copa-Cogeca forecasts a decimated 2022/23 olive oil and table olives production

Droughts and high temperatures across EU producing countries are expected to have a toll on the 2022/23 olive oil and table olives production. According to current estimates, the total EU olive oil production will fall short of 1,500 thousand tonnes, which represents a drop of more than 35% from the previous marketing year 2021/22 (2,264 thousand tonnes). A similar downward trend is foreseen for table olives (-30%).

14.09.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

Deforestation - The European Parliament adds more complexity while failing to address main concerns raised by the affected sectors

The European Parliament adopted today in the Plenary their report on deforestation, sending a strong message of disregard to the concerns raised by the affected sectors. The voted text indeed presents amendments that will bring more complexity and disruption in the supply chain. Copa and Cogeca supports fighting this worldwide damaging phenomenon and understand the need for urgent action. This fight against deforestation, however, should be done in a way that does not put at risk the competitiveness of the EU agri-food and forest sectors and does not disrupt the supply of commodities nor impact food prices and food security.

13.09.2022 #PRESSRELEASE

Support from European Parliament to sustainable forest management and those implementing it

European Parliament adopted its report on the EU Forest Strategy for 2030 (Rapporteur MEP Ulrike Müller) which echoes several important views and concerns expressed by European forest owners and by Member States1. On the contrary to the Commission’s proposal, the Parliament report takes a balanced approach to sustainable forest management.


Harvests 2022 - New Copa and Cogeca figures confirm a reduction of the total EU-27 cereal productions and a recovery of oilseeds and protein crops

The experts of the Copa-Cogeca working group met in Brussels this week and confirmed the first trend announced by the organisation last July: the EU-27 total cereal production should reach 269 million tonnes, recording a significant decrease of -6.8% compared to the 2021 harvest. Meanwhile, a more positive trend is expected for oilseeds (31.9 million tonnes, +7.2%) and protein crops (3.92 million tonnes, +5.1%).

09.09.2022 #STATEMENT

Alarm bells ringing for EU agri-food sector as energy crisis bites

Many operators in the EU’s agri-food sector are struggling to maintain business in the face of rapidly rising input costs and extreme weather events, according to agri-food chain as- sociations Copa-Cogeca, the Primary Food Processors (PFP) and FoodDrinkEurope.


Copa and Cogeca support EU decision and call for full implementation of cold treatment measures on citrus fruits imports

Copa and Cogeca support the new EU measure imposing a cold treatment for citrus fruits imports from South Africa to protect EU orchards against the ravages that could be caused by false codling moths. Too many interceptions of citrus fruits from South Africa have occurred with the presence of this pest recently.

31.08.2022 #STATEMENT

Sustainable Forest Management: Keeping the potential of forest biodiversity unlocked

According to the Helsinki resolution1, Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) is: “the stewardship and use of forests and forest lands in a way, and at a rate, that maintains their biodiversity, productivity, regeneration capacity, vitality and their potential to fulfil, now and in the future, relevant ecological, economic and social functions, at local, national, and global levels, and that does not cause damage to other ecosystems”.


Agri-food supply chain “societally-critical”, securing gas supply vital to maintain EU food supplies

Copa-Cogeca, Primary Food Processors, and FoodDrinkEurope welcome the recognition that the agri-food supply chain is considered to be a “societally-critical” sector in the EU’s “Save Gas for a Safe Winter” initiative, which was endorsed by EU Member States on 26 July 2022.


CAP conditionality derogations – A timely decision providing farmers with necessary clarity but not enough tools nor incentives

Copa and Cogeca welcome the Commission’s proposal providing some derogations to the conditionality rules for the CAP but must put in question their effective contribution to alleviating the shortages and disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine and the complex implementation.

27.07.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

Ukraine - Russia agreement on grain exports raises hopes for the prevention of world food security crisis

Copa and Cogeca welcome the agreement reached today between Ukraine, the Russian Federation and Turkey under UN auspices for reopening Ukrainian Black Sea ports for grain exports, which could ease further rise of global food insecurity and market disruptions. It is an encouraging signal for fellow Ukrainian farmers and agri-cooperative colleagues after months of incredible hardships and uncertainty.

22.07.2022 #STATEMENT

Temporary suspension of tariffs on fertilisers – Copa and Cogeca welcome a Commission decision that goes in the right direction, but which remains incomplete for the time being

Faced with a tense situation on the fertiliser markets, the European Commission (DG Trade) has taken a long-awaited decision by the farming community: the suspension of conventional tariffs for certain fertilisers (urea and anhydrous ammonia). Copa and Cogeca welcome a step in the right direction and call on the Commission to follow its logic to the end by also suspending conventional duties on key fertilisers used directly by farmers (UAN, DAP, MAP and NPK) and anti-dumping measures on UAN imports from Trinidad and Tobago and USA. Only such an ambitious measure could make those markets more dynamic and bring down the prices paid by farmers in the long term.

20.07.2022 #STATEMENT

Secure gas supply critical to maintain EU food supplies

Brussels, 20 July 2022 – The EU agri-food sector has backed the European Commission’s “save gas for a safe winter” proposal, pSublished today, which singles out the critical importance of Europe’s food supply chain and the need for a secure supply of gas to maintain food security.

20.07.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

EU ORGANIC AWARDS – Celebrating the extraordinary work of women in organic farming

Today the European Commission announced the list of finalists for the first ever annual EU organic awards. The awards were launched as part of a commitment made in the Action Plan for the Development of Organic Production with the objective of recognising excellence all along the organic food chain, from farmer to restaurant. The aim of the awards is to reward the best and most innovative organic actors who contribute to reducing the agriculture’s impact on the climate and environment.

20.07.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

Parliament committee keeps role for biofuels in fighting climate change, boosting food security and ensuring European energy independence

The European Parliament has taken a positive step on EU renewable energy policy as ITRE Committee members voted decisively in favour of increasing the ambition for GHG emissions reduction in transport while leaving Member States free to use crop-based biofuels in their transport energy mix.


The EU Forest Strategy 2030 must support the multi-functional role of forests

Copa and Cogeca welcome the EU Forest Strategy 2030’s report adopted today by the Agriculture and the Rural Development Committee, as led by Ulrike Müller, and its acknowledgment of the importance of having an integrated and balanced way regarding the three dimensions of sustainability across environmental, social, and economic aspects.

12.07.2022 #STATEMENT

Copa and Cogeca’s crop forecasts: European cereal production seen as down with a more promising oilseed production, strongly depending on weather conditions

Experts from the Copa and Cogeca working groups on cereal and oilseed gathered in Brussels this week, with an estimated total cereal production of 277 million tonnes in the EU-27 for the 2022 harvest. This would be 4.4% lower than the previous marketing year (290 million tonnes), and 3.8% below the multiannual average of 288 million tonnes.

01.07.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

EU-New Zealand trade deal signed: EU dairy, sheep and beef are the sacrificed lambs

Today the EU and New Zealand reached a political agreement on a comprehensive trade agreement with New Zealand. The final deal including tariff rate quotas (TRQs) has effectively been endorsed and includes a substantial access to the EU’s market on dairy, sheep meat and beef. While Copa and Cogeca recognise the high consumer protection standards in New Zealand and the effort made by the Commission to protect GIs and EU production standards in the deal found, painful compromises have been made on sensitive sectors.

30.06.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

Breakthrough agreements in the Council carry significant impact for EU’s agriculture model

Following marathon discussions in the Energy and Environment Council over the last three days in Luxembourg, Ministers of EU’s 27 Member States reached agreements on a series of important files for the agriculture sector.

29.06.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

SUR: Mandatory reduction targets but with limited answers on the ways to achieve them on-field

The revision of the directive on the sustainable use of plant protection products (SU - 2009/128/EC) was eagerly awaited by the EU farming community. With SUR being a landmark policy item of the Farm to Fork communication, Copa and Cogeca expected a balanced approach presenting not only already known targets but also precise solutions and alternatives to achieve these objectives. The proposal published today that became a regulation from a directive, still does not answer these interrogations in an ever-pressing international context faced with a global food security challenge.

22.06.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

Nature Restoration – EU farming community calls for realistic ambitions and long-term supports instead of arbitrary deadlines

Following today’s release of the long-awaited Nature Restoration Law proposal by the European Commission, Copa and Cogeca warn that if left unchecked, this law has the ability to grow in an uncontrolled manner running away from its true purpose, the rejuvenation of nature. It is essential that Member States and stakeholders are part of the creation of any future targets, especially those of a legally binding nature which will have direct impacts on Member State governments, and especially farmers, forest-owners, and cooperatives on the ground. Restoration will primarily take place on private land, and can only be achieved with the full-backing of those who own, and whose livelihoods depend on the land.

22.06.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

Cogeca Business Forum – Cooperation as key driver for sector resilience

Today in Brussels, Cogeca organised its traditional biannual Business Forum under the topic ‘Securing food and competitiveness in times of crisis. What is the role of agri-food cooperatives?’. The forum, which gathered agri-cooperative representatives from across the EU focused the debate and discussions on the impact of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine on the agri-food sector and the role of agri-food cooperatives in responding, as well as possible solutions to the main issues affecting the sector.

15.06.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

Fit for 55, making the green transition a success will be possible if the contributions of the farming community are recognised and reflected in a balanced way between the economic, environmental, and social dimensions

Following the heated discussions and votes on the Fit for 55 proposals in the European Parliament in Strasbourg over the past days, Copa and Cogeca take note of the outcome of the votes, in particular on LULUCF, CBAM and CO2 emission standards for cars and vans.

09.06.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

World Food Safety Day: EU Agri-food chain’s commitment to safer food for better health

World Food Safety Day is an important way to raise awareness on the need to prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks. To mark the fourth World Safety Day today, CELCAA, Copa-Cogeca, EuroCommerce, FEFAC and FoodDrinkEurope want to reiterate their strong commitment to delivering safe food to consumers in Europe and all around the globe. Food safety is essential to human health and well-being, a crucial component to food security, a prerequisite for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and a truly cross-cutting area.


LULUCF and Effort Sharing Regulation votes unfavourable to the dynamics of the agriculture and forestry sectors

Today, the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment voted on the Committee’s Report on the LULUCF Regulation and the Effort Sharing Regulation. Both proposals are part of a series adopted by the European Commission on 14 July 2021, which intends to achieve climate neutrality in the EU by 2050. While in principle these proposals must be in line with the Paris Agreement, their environmental ambitions do not necessarily amount to a balanced exercise between the three pillars of sustainability, as economic and social aspects seem to enjoy a secondary degree of importance.

17.05.2022 #STATEMENT

If agriculture becomes a key power lever in global geopolitics, the European Union remains our best collective asset!

On this Europe Day, the farming community reiterates its commitment to the common policies of the EU. Since its creation, the EU has made it possible to build a prosperous and peaceful Europe by giving its farmers and cooperatives a robust and structured framework. This year also marks the 60 years of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP); we should also celebrate this key policy today.

09.05.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

The Committee on International Trade approves crucial document for ensuring fair competition for European rice and sugar farmers

With a clear majority of positive votes, the revision of the Regulation on Generalised Scheme of tariff preferences (GSP) was adopted in the Committee on International Trade (COM INTA) today.

03.05.2022 #STATEMENT

The European Parliament takes a clear stand on the future of organic farming

The report on the Organic Action Plan, which focused on several important topics for European farmers and agri-cooperatives, was approved in the Plenary today. The report was adopted following the unanimous approval by the Committee of Agriculture on the 6th of April.

03.05.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

EU and world food security - Neither dramatising nor minimising

Copa and Cogeca held their presidency meetings this week in Brussels. Speakers from the Commission, the FAO and UNAF analysed the complexity of the Ukrainian, European and global agri-food situation. These exchanges were at odds with the stances taken by Executive Vice President, Frans Timmermans, at the same time in the Environment Committee.

30.04.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

Agri-cooperatives DNA – resilience, innovation and value creation

While the COVID crisis has certainly represented an unprecedented challenge for us, I am happy to be able to say that it has also reinforced my belief in the potential and strength of our sector. Agri-cooperatives have in this time of crisis once again proved their ability to innovate, to face challenges and to further strengthen their resilience while delivering to consumers.

28.04.2022 #OPINION PIECE

Cultivating innovation and creating value - European Agri-cooperatives’ business as usual

Almost 150 representatives of European agri-cooperatives gathered today in Brussels for the award ceremony of the six winners of the 5th European Award for Cooperative Innovation, organised by Cogeca and sponsored by the Spanish cooperative bank Cajamar Caja Rural.

27.04.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

Food supply chain - Working together to ensure reliable food supplies for Europe

Our four organisations – representing Europe’s farmers, food processors, retailers, wholesalers and traders – express our joint solidarity with the people of Ukraine, including the millions that have fled their country to seek safety elsewhere.


On the Council’s Conclusions concerning carbon farming

Following yesterday’s Agri-Fish Council meeting, Copa and Cogeca welcome the adopted Council’s conclusions on the European Commission’s communication on sustainable carbon cycles in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

08.04.2022 #STATEMENT

The Commission's first response to the crisis on the fertiliser market lacks concrete short-term actions

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has disrupted many markets and value chains globally. Besides the energy and agricultural commodities that have been widely analysed and commented on, there is another market where the war is highly impacting European agriculture, namely fertilisers.

07.04.2022 #OPINION PIECE

Revision of the Industrial Emissions Directive – Livestock family farming will pay a high price

The European Commission published yesterday a revision of its 2010 Directive on Industrial Emissions. While only the largest EU livestock installations were considered under its scope over the past decade, the revision proposed to multiple by almost 10 the number of cattle, pig and poultry farms targeting family farms and categorising them as "agro-industrial installations”. As it stands, this revision would force thousands of family livestock farms to comply with a costly emission protocol designed primarily for large companies. Only a few days after the institutions' communications on the EU's need for food strategic autonomy, this accounting, ideological and disconnected from the farm reality approach is felt as a blow across Europe by livestock farmers.

06.04.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

On the Platform on Sustainable Finance’s report with recommendations on technical screening criteria for the four remaining environmental objectives of the EU taxonomy

Copa and Cogeca represent 22 million farmers and their family members as well as 22,000 cooperatives that provide to 446 million EU citizens with safe, nutritious, high-quality, sustainable, and affordable food every day.

05.04.2022 #STATEMENT

Important signal to the organic farming world from the European Parliament’s AGRI Committee

The European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee adopted today by unanimity its report on the Organic Action Plan, proposed by the European Commission last year. Copa and Cogeca welcome the good work done by the Committee, led by MEP Simone Schmiedtbauer. The report acknowledges several important aspects for European farmers and agri-cooperatives.

31.03.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

The Commission’s proposal on the revision of the GIs system leaves too many questions unanswered and causes concern about the proposed transfer of competences to EUIPO

The European Commission released its proposal today for the revision of EU’s Geographical Indications (GIs) system planned in the framework of the Farm to Fork Strategy. GIs are a useful and unique EU creation that allows the valorization of products, EU’s culinary heritage and the work of their producers. They also play an important role for the regional development and especially of the rural communities to which they are attached, aiding also to preserve the culture and the various specific agricultural techniques and plant and animal varieties of those regions. GIs are a true European success story.

31.03.2022 #STATEMENT

From the EU Biofuels Chain on the European Commission Communication on food security

The European Commission has sent a welcome signal about the urgent need to strengthen EU food security – one that recognises the strategic importance of European agriculture, calls for an increase in production by using fallow land, and highlights the urgent need to reduce and diversify imports of resources such as energy, fertiliser and animal feed.


The European Parliament recognises the urgent need for EU action on food security

Copa and Cogeca welcome the Joint Motion for Resolution adopted today by a large majority in the European Parliament on the need for an urgent EU action plan to ensure food security inside and outside the EU in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This motion follows and aligns with the Versailles Declaration by the Council of Ministers and the Communication issued yesterday by the European Commission.

24.03.2022 #STATEMENT

The European Commission recognises the strategic role of European agriculture production in global food security

Following the Versailles Declaration, the European Commission presented today a first set of measures on food security and on the resilience of our food systems. Copa and Cogeca share the Commission's analysis on the situation and the stated objective of increasing the sustainability of EU agriculture while ensuring its production capacity. The European farming community welcomes the emergency and temporary responses outlined in this communication starting with the support granted to the Ukrainian population and farmers.

23.03.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

A joint call for an EU strategy on plant protein

The Stakeholders – COPA & COGECA, EUROSEEDS and FEFAC – in view of the recent European Council declaration in Versailles in which the Heads of State or Government listed the intention to improve food security by reducing EU dependencies on key imported agricultural products and inputs, in particular by increasing the EU production of plant-based proteins and the upcoming Commission´s communication on affordable food and fair farm income, call on the European Commission to take a leading role in promoting the domestic cultivation and use of European plant sourced protein.

21.03.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

EU Pay Transparency proposal: Sectoral employers’ organisations urge the plenary to endorse a more balanced approach on Pay Transparency

The European employers’ organisations, Ceemet (MET industries), ECEG (chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic and rubber industries), Geopa (agriculture), Hotrec (hospitality), EFCI (cleaning and facility services) and EuroCommerce (retail & wholesale) regret the outcome of the vote at the EMPL and FEMM committee’s on the Commission’s proposal on pay transparency.


REPowerEU Communication: The European Union recognises the key role played by European livestock farming in our energy independence

With the escalation of tensions following the war in Ukraine, the EU needs to break its energy dependency on Russian gas. These days, the energy markets are soaring, bringing the gas prices to record values while its availability remains in the hands of Russian authorities. Among the EU fossil fuel dependency from Russia, gas is the worst, with imports counting over 45% of our total consumption. A rapid transition to clean gas – in every meaning of the word - has never been so urgent, both for our sovereignty and the climate.

09.03.2022 #STATEMENT

The rise of large carnivore conflicts in Europe

2022 marks the 30th Anniversary of Council Directive 92/43/EEC of 21 May 1992 on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora - the Habitats Directive - which has protected a wide variety of habitats and species in the European Union for the past 30 years. Nevertheless, due to ongoing successful conservation measures, certain populations of large carnivore species are causing increased conflicts, which is exacerbated by challenging legal frameworks. In many cases, legal interpretation of “strict protection” prevents the implementation of active management of the species, which can help to reduce serious conflicts with livestock, people, and biodiversity-rich landscapes. These conflicts are adding to the existing pressures on rural livelihood interests.


Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum (UNAF) joins COPA and COGECA

During an online meeting organised today, Copa and Cogeca Presidents and Vice Presidents warmly welcomed the Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum (UNAF), represented by its Director, Ms Mariia Dudikh, as a new partner organisation.

09.03.2022 #STATEMENT

First reaction of the European farming community to the REPowerEU communication

Europe imports 40% of its gas, 27% of its oil and 46% of its coal consumption from Russia. Faced with the war in Ukraine, yesterday the EU presented its communication called REPowerEU to cut its dependence on Russian fossil fuels well before 2030.

09.03.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

Social Partners launch the Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tool in the agriculture sector

Today the representative European Social Partners in Agriculture, the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT) and the Employers’ Group of Professional Agricultural Organisations in the European Union (GEOPA), officially launch the Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tool in the agriculture sector.



The European employers’ organisations, Ceemet (MET industries), Geopa (agriculture), Hotrec (hospitality), ECEG (chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic and rubber industries), EFCI (cleaning and facility services) and EuroCommerce (retail and wholesale) strongly support the principle of equal pay for equal work or work of equal value, as stated in the European Treaties. Employers consider pay discrimination unacceptable and they are fully committed to promoting equal opportunities and equal remuneration. Despite this, the sectors fear that the Commission’s proposal on pay transparency does not address the root causes of the gender pay gap. Instead, it challenges social partners’ autonomy, businesses’competitiveness, and the role of the Member States.


European Forest Owners’ and Managers’ considerations on the EC Proposal for a Deforestation and Forest Degradation Regulation

The proposal for a Deforestation and Forest Degradation Regulation, published by the European Commission on 17 November 2021, risks missing its aim due to inadequate definitions and unfeasible provisions for monitoring and implementation.


Europe must equip its agriculture with a food shield to face the consequences of two major crises: the war in Ukraine and climate change

Copa and Cogeca held a coordination meeting with their members on the humanitarian situation arising from the war in Ukraine and on the first responses provided by the extraordinary meeting of the AGRIFISH Council organised by the French Presidency.

06.03.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

On the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its implications for EU agriculture

The entire European farming community is considering the development of the conflict in Ukraine with deep sorrow. At last week’s Copa and Cogeca Praesidia meetings all members expressed their solidarity with the Ukrainian people, with special thoughts going to our fellow farmers and agri-cooperative colleagues in these difficult times. Our solidarity doesn’t stop at words, Copa and Cogeca will put in place concrete actions in the coming days and weeks following the evolution of the conflict.

28.02.2022 #STATEMENT

The Pact for Skills – Launch of a Skills Partnership for the Agri-food Ecosystem

The agri-food chain is one of the largest segments of the European economy, employing over 20 million people from 10 million farms, 22,000 agri-food co-operatives, and 289,000 food and drink processing sites. The agri-food system is by far the biggest employment sector in Europe, and it has a significant impact on both rural and urban communities, and is comprised of more than 99% small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


The European Parliament votes in support of foie gras production

Euro Foie Gras and Copa-Cogeca welcome the positive vote of the European Parliament on Jérémy Decerle’s ‘Implementation report on on-farm animal welfare.’ Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) acknowledged that, “Foie gras production is based on farming procedures that respect animal welfare criteria” and rejected the call to ban assisted feeding of ducks and geese.


The European Parliament sends a signal of confidence to European livestock farmers when it comes to the enforcement of on-farm animal welfare 

Copa and Cogeca welcome yesterday’s adoption in the EU Parliament’s plenary of the AGRI Implementation Report on on-farm welfare. The limited number of amendments made to the text approved in COM AGRI in October 2021 shows the good balance found by the rapporteur MEP Jérémy Decerle. The clear rejection of a counterproposal yesterday and the 72% majority achieved today, shows that the European Parliament has confidence in the ability of its farmers to put in place the most advanced animal welfare legislation worldwide. Despite the regular livestock-bashing at EU level, we are pleased to see that the European Parliament recognises this fact and is encouraging livestock farmers to pursue their efforts. 

16.02.2022 #STATEMENT

SOS call to preserve coastal fishing communities in the Mediterranean Sea

Yesterday, during the meeting of the Social Dialogue Committee for Sea Fisheries, the Social Partners–ETF,EuropêcheandCopa-Cogeca–adoptedajointresolutiononthesituationof fisheriesintheMediterranean.Thesectorrepresentativesseizedtheopportunitytocallupon the European Commission to propose balanced measures that secure a future for fishermen, coastal communities and fishing resources alike in the Mediterranean Sea.


We support an ambitious EU target of 40% renewable energy, but this cannot be achieved without European agricultural and forest biomass!

After the July announcements by the Commission, the proposals of the ‘Fit for 55’ package are now making their way through the European institutions, with debates expected in the European Parliament, notably on the revision of the Renewable Energy directive. To achieve its objective, the Commission has proposed to raise the renewable energy target from 32% to 40% by 2030. This is a major challenge, but it is not unattainable. For this to happen, all technologies must be mobilised and discussed on equal footing, while respecting the principle of technological neutrality.

01.02.2022 #OPINION PIECE

Another week of debate on the Farm to Fork studies in Brussels ends with…the need for more studies!

This week, again, the European agricultural news has partly revolved around the question of the studies on the impact of the Farm to Fork strategy, whether it be the hearing with Julien Denormandie in the European Parliament or the official academic release of the two studies by the University of Wageningen, one of which, dedicated to the impacts on the livestock sector, was commissioned by the members of the European Livestock Voice.

27.01.2022 #OPINION PIECE

Farm to Fork Strategy: how to reach the targets?

With the Farm to Fork deadline looming in 8 years’ time and no comprehensive impact assessment in sight, we must build solution-oriented policies, based on the available data we have at hand, with innovation as their cornerstone. European agri-food production is among the most resource-efficient and sustainable in the world. The European farming sector believes that, with innovation and further support at the forefront of EU agricultural policy, farmers will and can continue to produce in an even more sustainable manner. We acknowledge the expectations of society and policymakers food production systems and believe that for innovation is key in the sustainable transition outlined by the Farm to Fork Strategy. But innovation cannot happen without the necessary legislative and financial support. The agri-food sector calls on European policymakers to enable innovation as a driver of its Farm to Fork targets.


Fit for 55 - A one size fits all solution won't work in rural areas and especially for farming transport

Copa-Cogeca participated today in the 19th edition of the ‘Fuels of the Future’ conference on the issue of the ‘Fit for 55’ package and alternative fuels. This was an opportunity to recall the importance of the agricultural sector in the production of alternative fuels but also highlight the need for the ‘Fit for 55’s package to consider the specific needs of agricultural transport and more broadly mobility in rural areas.

24.01.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

Animal Transport – Requirements must be species-specific and based on science, not on emotions

Following today’s vote in the European Parliament on the Recommendation for revision of animal transport legislation, Copa and Cogeca wish to echo Commissioner Kyriakides in underlining that any revision of legislation must protect animals, be backed by science and become easier to implement. This is especially important for EU farmers and cooperatives due to the potential socio-economic impact.

20.01.2022 #PRESS RELEASE

FPEU – An agricultural roadmap narrowed down to the essentials

"This is a time for Europe", this is how the program of the French Presidency of the EU Council (FPEU) opens , with reference to health and climate issues. This reference also applies to agriculture well: 2021 was one of the most active years I have ever seen for agricultural initiatives in Brussels. While with the rise of the Green Deal, the CAP remains the main European policy and the historical cement of the EU, it is clear to us that the CAP is no longer the only policy that has a significant impact on agriculture.

14.01.2022 #OPINION PIECE

Large carnivores – A threat to the welfare of humans and domestic animals in rural areas

The issue of large carnivores and the damage they inflict upon farmers’ livelihoods has been the subject of political debate since the first encounter between predators and livestock farmers. However, despite all the efforts of farmers and the measures put in place by the authorities of the countries concerned in the European Union, the strict protection status of large carnivores renders the measures ineffective, and the actions taken in the context of the debate with a view to establishing harmonious coexistence between humans and wild predators insufficient.

07.01.2022 #OPINION PIECE

Why wine is more than just an alcoholic beverage

As 2021 comes to an end, it will soon be time to make a toast for the New Year. It is also time for some reflection on past events and defining the direction for 2022. I am seizing this opportunity to take a closer look at one of the most festive agricultural products: wine.

22.12.2021 #OPINION PIECE

Carbon farming – Great opportunity for farmers and forest owners if a market approach is promoted and remaining uncertainties resolved

The European Commission unveiled today the long-awaited communication on “restoring sustainable carbon cycles” (the so-called carbon farming communication), which will be followed by a legislative proposal on carbon removal certification by the end of 2022. Copa and Cogeca welcome the inclusion of carbon farming in the political agenda and future developments to capitalize agriculture’s potential to fight climate change and achieve a greener Europe.

15.12.2021 #PRESS RELEASE

Dialogue opens with EVP Timmermans on the future of European livestock farming

On 7 December sector associations from European Livestock Voice invited EVP Timmermans to visit a beef and dairy farm in the Wallonia region of Belgium. The visit organised in cooperation with local farming Union FWA, was a great opportunity for EVP Timmermans to engage in a direct and open discussion with livestock farmers on the Green Deal objectives. It was also a first step in opening an action-oriented dialogue between the Commission EVP and EU representatives of the livestock value chain on the future developments of the Farm to Fork strategy. The European livestock sector has been investing in making improvements for many years now with measurable outcomes in many areas. With best-in-class standards of animal health and welfare and among the lowest global livestock emissions, high standards on environment, the sector does not shy away from continuing to adapt to meet increasing demands. All representatives of the European livestock sector agree on the fact that more needs to be done to meet social, environmental, and animal welfare challenges. But no one should be left behind.

08.12.2021 #PRESS RELEASE

The EESC calls for coherence, certainty and clarity from the new EU Forest Strategy for 2030

European forest owners and managers welcome the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Opinion on the EU Forest Strategy for 2030 adopted today. The Opinion draws conclusions similar to those expressed by the forest sector and Member States in the European Council. It underlines the necessity for a holistic and balanced approach to forests and their management as well as the key role of European forest owners and managers in the Strategy.


Animal transport – The revision should be based on solid science, focusing on the quality of the journey and tackling the shortcomings in the application of the legislation

Following the outcome of the vote in the ANIT Committee of the European Parliament on the Draft Report and Recommendation following the ‘investigation of alleged contraventions and maladministration in the application of Union law in relation to the protection of animals during transport within and outside the Union’, Copa and Cogeca welcome the initiative to review the current legislation on animal transport. There is a need for a revision after 16 years since it was first approved and a science-based update may further guarantee a harmonised enforcement and implementation of the Regulation 1/2005 across the Member States. However, the result of the vote, especially on the Report, is quite disappointing and worrying for EU farmers, as most of its content is not sufficiently referenced nor backed by solid scientific evidence. This limits the room of manoeuver for further nuancing the Recommendation when voted in the Plenary in January 2022 and may end up damaging the sector, basing the outcome more on emotions rather than facts.

03.12.2021 #PRESS RELEASE

After another catastrophic year for beekeepers, the revision of the Honey directive should not pour honey into the sector’s ear

Once again, 2021 will be another dramatic year for the sector, with an estimated 10/15% production loss compared to 2020 – having already been a poor year for harvests. Extreme weather events have substantially reduced flowering and flying periods of bees; thus, strongly affecting productions. Meanwhile imports are still growing, and if European consumers cannot see this on the shelves, it is because the origin display remains structurally deficient. Copa and Cogeca welcome the announcement by the Commission on the revision of the Honey Directive and ask for rapid changes especially on market transparency.

29.11.2021 #PRESS RELEASE

European Parliament confirms its support for the new CAP, last uncertainties must now be solved

After more than three years of complex negotiations, Copa and Cogeca welcome the timely adoption by the European Parliament on the future CAP. With around 70% of the votes being in favour on the three regulations of the future CAP, the EU Parliament gives a final confirmation to the compromise found in the trilogues earlier in June. Still, this vote does not mark an end as there are several key steps to be taken before this new CAP becomes operational. Many uncertainties remain on the calendar, on the coherence and the implementation, both at EU and national level.

23.11.2021 #PRESS RELEASE

#DumpTheAntidumping: the European Commission (finally) opens an investigation on import duties on UAN fertilisers

For several months, Copa and Cogeca have been questioning the usefulness of the anti-dumping measures applied at European level on UAN fertilisers. With record prices this winter, and the situation becoming increasingly untenable at farm level, DG Trade has decided to open an investigation on the actual impact on those anti-dumping duties. Copa and Cogeca welcome this first step which could lead to the removal of anti-dumping taxes and ask the European Commission to act swiftly.

19.11.2021 #PRESS RELEASE

Statement- On the presentation of the EU Soil Strategy for 2030

Today the European Commission released a new strategy focused on achieving good soil health by 2030. Soil conservation is at the heart of many farmers work and initiatives, regardless of the production methods; conventional or organic. At European level, a large set of EU policies are already directly and indirectly affecting soil health and are addressing the hazards associated with this highly precious natural resource. Among others, the CAP, the Water Framework Directive, the Nitrates Directive, the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive, and the Nature Directives are some examples. That is why, at this stage, Copa and Cogeca expect more clarification on how the inclusion of new measures, such as the Soil Health Law, will add to the already existing set of tools, providing comprehensive and concrete means of action for farmers and agri-cooperatives. To be effective, the last thing that the EU farming community needs is a new administrative layer.

17.11.2021 #STATEMENT

Statement on the proposal for a regulation on deforestation-free products

Following today’s publication of the Proposal for a Regulation on deforestation-free products, Copa and Cogeca support the Commission’s work to fight deforestation in line with the Green Deal ambitions. It is essential for the European farming sector that the EU’s political ambition on this topic is fully in line with the ambitions on fair trade and fair competition and with the current legislation.

17.11.2021 #STATEMENT

Member States express significant concerns and request for clarifications on the new EU Forest Strategy for 2030

European forest owners and managers welcome the Council Conclusions adopted today on the EU Forest Strategy for 2030 and fully share the concerns expressed by the Members States. These Conclusions make important requests to the European Commission with regards to actions proposed in the Strategy and a clear call to truly involve and listen to Member States and those who take care of our forests on a daily basis.


Copa and Cogeca support the Commission's contingency plan on food security and stands ready to take an active part in the future EFSCM

The European Commission issues today an important Communication on its vision of the lessons learned from the Covid crisis in terms of food security, and its solutions in a landscape associated with higher risks. Copa and Cogeca broadly agree with the Commission's assessment and welcome the institutional response proposed by the Commission to set up a Security Crisis preparedness and response Mechanism (EFSCM) to better coordinate response to crisis in the food supply chain. Nevertheless, on European vulnerabilities and dependence identified by the Commission, the solutions offered in the Farm to Fork strategy remain unclear.

12.11.2021 #STATEMENT

EU Wine harvest 2021/22: historically low but of excellent quality

Following Copa and Cogeca’s initial harvest forecast issued in September, the updated data at the end of the harvesting period shows that the predictions were confirmed: yields have dropped considerably. On the positive side of this harvest is the excellent quality of the wines produced. The 2021/22 harvest estimates were presented during the annual Copa-Cogeca Wine harvest event titled “Taking stock of market and consumer trends – The way ahead”.

09.11.2021 #PRESS RELEASE

Support tools for agri-food cooperatives in the new CAP

In the context of the legislative procedure of the CAP Reform, the role of COGECA together with COPA had been essential to make the European Institutions aware of the importance of this Policy and of the view of 12 million European farmers and their agri-cooperatives.

09.11.2021 #OPINION PIECE

COP26 – A chance to tap into the agriculture and forestry potential

Copa and Cogeca welcome the opening of the COP26 in Glasgow, a global meeting centered around the commitments taken under the Paris Agreement at COP21. Having been an active participant in and supporter of the Agreement, Copa and Cogeca are glad to join this meeting to continue the work. Since the agriculture and forestry sectors are key for reaching the ambitious climate change goals set out in the Paris Agreement; Copa and Cogeca wish there would have been a greater focus on these essential sectors at COP26.

02.11.2021 #PRESS RELEASE

FEDE and Geopa-Copa sign a Memorandum of Understanding to close the gap between educational centers and farms

On Thursday 21st October 2021, the Federation for Education in Europe (FEDE) and the Employers’ Group of Professional Agricultural Organisations in the European Union (Geopa-Copa) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Malmö, Sweden, to strengthen the cooperation of both organizations towards the common objective of determining the skills needed in the agricultural sector.


European Parliament's AGRI Committee votes for a balanced approach to on-farm animal welfare

Today the AGRI Committee of the European Parliament endorsed its position on the implementation report concerning on-farm animal welfare with a large majority. Copa and Cogeca welcome the thorough work of consultation carried out by its rapporteur Jéremy Decerle (FR, Renew) which has resulted in an ambitious, balanced text focusing on the means and solutions to support the efforts undertaken by EU farmers on animal welfare.

26.10.2021 #PRESS RELEASE

EU METHANE STRATEGY – The EP calls for a coherent framework and comprehensive impact assessment, while also asking for binding targets on methane emissions

Today, the European Parliament’s Plenary vote on the EU Methane Strategy took place. The strategy, which is of the upmost importance for the agricultural sector, calls for the reduction of methane emissions as part of the measures to combat climate change.

21.10.2021 #PRESS RELEASE

Copa-Cogeca TV

COPA President Christiane Lambert 26.04.24

COPA President Christiane Lambert reacting to the meeting had with Ursula von der Leyen 26.04.24

Cogeca President Lennart Nilsson celebrates Cooperatives Day 06.07.24

Cogeca President Lennart Nilsson highlights importance of cooperatives and Cooperatives Day.

One out of every two imported honeys in Europe is fraudulent but it doesn't have to be that way!

In Europe today, one out of every two imported honeys is fraudulent! Fraud techniques are numerous and difficult to detect, which explains their constant increase according to official figures collected by the European Commission. The consequences of these fraudulent imports are numerous and violent for European beekeepers, who cannot stand up to this absolutely unfair competition. This is why Copa-Cogeca would propose one new goal to the Commission: reducing counterfeiting in half by 2027 compared to figures in the analysis carried out in March 2023 with a view to having no adulterated honey present in the European market at all by 2030!

TOP 10 things to understand when it comes to Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming has become a buzzword at EU level but what truly is carbon farming? We take on the challenge to explain it from a farming perspective across 10 key points.

million farmers and
their families represented