5th Vice President (2019 - 2026)

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Christian Høegh-Andersen is educated as an agronomist and runs an arable farm on the island of Falster, in the south-eastern part of Denmark, with a crop rotation of sugar beets, malt barley, wheat and grass seeds.

Farm/Cooperative description

Christian Høegh-Andersen has been owner of the farm Luenhøj since 1995, currently cultivating 340 hectares of arable land. Høegh-Andersen entered the Board of the seed corporation DLF, one of the largest seed corporations in the world, in 2003 and has been the Chairman since 2013. Prior to that, he was Vice-Chairman for two years. Furthermore, Høegh-Andersen is the newest member of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council’s top political management, the Joint Presidency, which he joined in December 2021.

Career Timeline

  • Member of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council's top political management, the Joint Presidency

    2021 - present

  • 6th Vice President of Cogeca

    2019 - present

  • Chairman of the Board of DLF

    2013 - present

  • Board of directors; S.N. Frø (Nykøbing F. Sugar factory Trust)

    2008 - present

  • Board of directors, DLF AmbA Coop

    2003 - present

  • Vice Chairman of the Board of DLF

    2011 - 2013

Other professional responsibilities

  • Board of directors, Gunslevholm Idrætsefterskole (Sports Boarding School, Chairman since 2012)

    1996 - present

  • Soldier in the Danish Royal Life Guards

    1989 - 1990


- Master in Agricultural Science from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark (1991-1997)