President of Cogeca (2024 - 2026)
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Lennart Nilsson hails from the west coast of Sweden, between Malmö and Gothenburg. Since 1990, Lennart runs a mixed farm with arable crops and cattle breeding, contracting with his wife and two brothers in law. Together they manage a herd of 250 Charolais breeding cattle, 200 hectares of arable land and 100 hectares of pastures. A committed farmer, Lennart has been board member of the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) since 2012 and has a long-standing commitment to the Swedish cooperative movement. He is President of a grain and supply cooperative Harplinge Lantmän, a member in the national Lantmännen cereal cooperative.

A convinced European, Lennart Nilsson has also been heavily involved in Copa-Cogeca's working parties, serving as Vice-Chair in the cereals working party and as Chair of the Working party for Oilseeds and Protein Crops before becoming President of COGECA in 2024.

Farm/Cooperative Description

Career Timeline

  • President of COGECA

    2024 - present

  • President of the Cooperative Harplinge Lantmän, a member of Lantmännen

    2020 - present

  • Chair of COPA COGECA working party on Oilseeds and Protein Crops

    2019 - present

  • Member of the Board of the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF)

    2012 - present

  • Vice-chair of the COPA COGECA working party on Cereals

    2019 - 2023

  • President, LRF’s regional board in Halland

    2003 - 2012

  • Member of the board, LRF’s regional board in Halland

    2000 - 2012

Other Professional Responsibilities

  • Board member in “Odling i Balans”, a member in the European initiative for sustainable farming (EISA)

    2015 - present

  • Board member, Swedish Charolais association

    2007 - present

  • Presidency Charolais International

    2010 - 2016

  • Several different assignments, Swedish Meats (meat cooperative)

    1997 - 2002

  • Member of the Local Council, Halmstad

    1986 - 2002


- Mechanical engineering, Kattegattskolan, 1983

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