Christiane Lambert

Copa President (FNSEA, FRance)

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Christiane LAMBERT was Born in 1961 in Cantal, from parents’ farmers and activists at the JAC (Christian Young Farmer). She chooses very early to work as farmer, after an agricultural BTS. At 19 years old, she settled on a dairy and pig farm in Cantal. At the same time, she became involved in the Young Farmers' Union (JA) and passed through the various regional levels before becoming the first woman elected as president of the National Young Farmer association (CNJA). She was President of the FDSEA of Maine-et-Loire from 2001 to 2011, Secretary General of the FRSEA of Pays de la Loire from 2001 to 2014 and she is member of bureau of Chamber of Agriculture since 2001. In April 2017, the was the first woman elected FNSEA President, the leading French agricultural union. Christiane Lambert has been president of Copa since 2020. She was re-elected unanimously on September 23rd for a second term, a first in more than 15 years. 

Farm description

Christiane and her husband, Thierry have three children and are associates in a limited company (GAEC) on a pig farm with 106 ha of crops (corn, wheat, barley, peas and canola) 230 sows and the production of solar energy with 2 employees in West of France (Maine-et-Loire).

Career Timeline

  • President of COPA (second term) 

    2020 - present

  • President of FNSEA

    2015 - present

  • Vice-President of the Environment Committee, President of the Food Chain Commission and Head of Sustainable Growth and Society center in FNSEA

    2010 - present

  • Board’s member of the FNSEA

    2002 - present

  • Member of the bureau of the French Chamber of Agriculture

    2001 - present

  • Secretary General of the FRSEA of Pays de la Loire


  • President of the FDSEA of Maine-et-Loire


  • President of the national Young Farmer association (CNJA)


  • First President of the regional young farmer organisation of Auvergne


  • Vice-President of the regional young farmer organisation of Cantal


  • President of the local young farmers organisation of Massiac


Other professional responsibilities

  • President of FARRE network (Forum for sustainable and environment friendly agriculture)


  • President of the training fund, VIVEA

    2015 - 2017

  • Vice-President of the IFOCAP (Training Institute for Farmer Managers)

  • Vice-President of AEI Association (Ecologically Intensive Agriculture)


- BTS, Agricole

Awards and Recognitions

- Gold medal of the French Academy of Agriculture

- Knight in the National Order of Merit

- Knight in the Order of the Legion of Honor

- Officer of the Legion of Honor on December 31, 2020